A few new posts

Because I have been a lazy blogger. I was going through my CF card and realized I have TONS that I haven't blogged about. Seriously, these aren't the best posts, but I got them done in an hour and a half. PHEW! Some go back a page and wouldn't it be sad if they were never visited. So if you have a minute, here is our life from the past couple of weeks.

On a brighter note

It's almost eerie...

Coundown to her birthday, or Halloween, or birthday


Gross Fest 2008

Picking Pumpkins

Spooky Sugar Cookies

Firestation Fieldtrip


Char said...

So fun...all of it!!!

Ashley said...

I hate playing catch-up! It is hard to get it all in!

Your girls look so cute in heir costumes! I can't believe how good the "Wednesday Addams" costume turned out! She looks awesome! We watched the movie this week :)

Your mom's party is always a hit! Most the food looked delicious to me!

daiseymae said...

I can't believe you got all that done so fast. Your amazing.