Firestation Fieldtrip

Tess's preschool went on a fieldtrip to the firestation.

Shaylee, Tess and Naomi (or as Tess says "Myowni")

It was cool to see where the firemen sleep.

Waiting her turn.

Tess and Lana to the rescue!

This was tricky...the entire class.

Oh, we brought along a little Halloween treat.

The sirens were LOUD!



The best part of the entire trip.


daiseymae said...

I'm sad to have missed that one! At least I got to get a glimpse of My little boy in one of your shots thanks.

Amy said...

That looks like lots of fun! And I wouldn't like the loud sirens either.

itybty frog said...

It looks like she had fun. Poor A was throwing up when they had their fire station field trip, so she missed it. She was soooo sad.