A month of blessings

This morning as I was lying in bed waiting for my children to wake up, my thoughts turned to this month and what it brings. What am I truly grateful for? What blessings make me whole? What brings a smile to my face when even the worst surrounds me?

This is my month to ponder on my blessings. To share the things that add a warm feeling to my heart and soul.

Day 1

It is a rare day in our home when you come in or call and the radio isn't playing or a cd is going or a child or husband is sitting up to the piano plinking out a tune. My girls are always singing, always humming. One of my favorite sayings is by Victor Hugo:
"Music expresses that which cannot
be put into words and that which
cannot remain silent."
If I or one of my girls have had a bad day, the music helps to wash it away. They dance and lose themselves in the music, if only for a few moments. I can tell the kind of day my husband has had by the melodies he plays. It soothes, it comforts, it inspires. My family would not be who it is without music.


Jill said...

Oh I so agree with you! Our house is addicted to music too. I notice that my adult children like to have music playing now when they are working, just like I've always been. So fun watching Tess dance around the room. Love to see a video of her complete with the music!

Anonymous said...

great blessing!! And I love music!!

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to be grateful for. I need to have more music in my house. The only time I seem to listen to music is when we are in the car.

daiseymae said...


Alice said...

Great blessing. I too love music. And those twirling pictures of Tess are so fun!