Picking Pumpkins

In no particular order:

The hay maze. The ones I have of them running through it are all blurry...they were speedy little people. I also didn't get a picture of my husband jumping oVEr the hay bales to chase the girls through the maze. Scared them to death...and the poor little man walking by.

Me. Sophie. My uneven front teeth.

The breaking of child labor laws

Real men push pink.

What? The pumpkin weighs as much as she does!

Prince Charming to the rescue...and an 8-year old who doesn't want to be left out of ANY shots. She jumped in JUST for this one.

Amelia's pumpkin $$$ shot.

It was a little bright. I had to prove she was here. If she tried to pick up her own pumpkin, it would squash her.


Witches. And a preggo one. This is NOT foreshadowing.


One she can pick up ALL. BY. HERSELF.

Amelia took this one. I wanted her to enter it into the Reflections contest. She drew a mum instead.

The End.


Jenn said...

That place looks familiar... Okay you added to many posts all at one time, but I love your kids costumes and all the fun pictures you've added. And you are an awesome person. I loved meeting you the other day! Highlight of my week! :) Happy birthday tomorrow little Sophie!

beckylou said...

Your family is so cute! I've been meaning to show my daughter your hair site so that she'll let me do more with her hair.

Amelia's shot of that sunflower is beautiful! Really really good!

daiseymae said...

Amelia must have your eye for photography. You should print that off and use it as an art piece in your home. How proud she would be.

Looks like you had a fun week. I'm sure you were very busy.

Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun. I spaced about going to the pumpkin patch this year. I think I've been a slacker mom!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pumpkin patches!