Friday, which happened to be Halloween, also happened to be Miss Squishy's first birthday. Not everyone gets a built in theme for their big day! This year will probably be the only year we have a big celebration ON her big day, so we decided to go all out!

Little Miss Witchy-Poo. LOVE her in this!

The guests arrived, my mom, brother Kevin...who was pretending to be Mr. Rogers, and my dad.

Little Ladybug Emily, Heidi and Glenn

Tyler, Bugs, Kris, and their Little Man.

My sister, Stacy, Rowdy, Anonymous Man, and Tally...the mother of my baby.

There were more, but my mother-in-law ran off to India before I could snag a picture of her.

The decorations were fun.

The food was great.

What kid gets TWO cakes??? The Spook...that's who!

She can't wait until the candle is even blown out.


Their birthday is the one time we never really care about the mess. I strip off their shirts and let them have at it until the cake is thrown off the chair or until it is gone. You only turn one once! That is why they call them "smash cakes", right?

Every one of my children has gotten a bath in the kitchen sink after their cake.

Daddy made a video that Sophie LOVES!

She was spoiled rotten. The hit of the evening was a doll my mom got for her. She hasn't let go of it since.

Happy birthday pumpkin! We are so glad you are a part of our family! Life wouldn't be complete without you!


Gabriela said...

Awwwww. Happy Birthday. I can't believe it's been a year.

I love her little outfit.

And the spider center piece.

And the big cake.

And the smash cake!

You know how to throw a party!

Anonymous said...

what a fun party!! Happy birthday!!

mammagena said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sophie! My girlfriend here in MI gave birth this Halloween. Fun Fun! :)

Rachelle said...

She is adorable. Happy Birthday Sophie!

Char said...

LOVE that first pic! Happy birthday!

Jenn said...

Man she dove into that cake!!! What a doll. I love her costume! Happy Birthday cutie pie!!!

Picture Perfect said...

How fun! Her B-day will be a big one every year. She looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday big girl!!! I love the cake pictures. She was ALL into that!

Amy said...


Happy Birthday - what a great day to have a birthday!

Flutterbug said...

She is so adorable, LOVE her in the witch costume!

Andrea said...

I have been waiting to see this post---so cute! I love the costume (and I usually don't like witch costumes)-but it was so sparkly and mischievious looking :)

How fun to have a holiday birthday! My oldest daughter has a birthday that occasionally falls on Thanksgiving, but we have seriously considered having a Halloween theme a few weeks earlier because it is so fun.

Thanks for sharing!

The Petersens said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! It looks like she had a fun birthday!

Bilary said...

I am loving her in her adorable costume. I really cannot believe a year has gone by since that sweet thing came into this world. She is adorable, and I can't wait until she joins the play dates with the rest of them!:)

Stinking cute girl. LOVE HER!!! Happy birthday, Cutie!

Nicole B. said...

What a fun day to have your birthday on! She looks so cute in her costume and MMMMMmmm cake.

Jeremy said...

Okay, that was the funnest blog I have ever read. That first picture of Sophie in the witch's outfit is gorgeous. Just like her Mom. Thanks for journaling all this for our family!

Alice said...

Happy Birthday little Sophie. I love her Halloween costume. She looks adorable in it.

Her cake? Too cute and she looked like she enjoyed it just the way she should.

Ashley said...

Happy Birhday! It looks like the party was fun! Im glad she loved her cake.

Her little costume is probably one of the cutest witch costumes I have seen! Love it!

My little one dressed up for pictures and that was it. We had no trick or treaters and my husband went out of town. So she really had no idea what was going on! Hopefully it will be better next year.

mammagena said...

P.S. I just realized we have the same highchair!

Linsey said...

Aw! Happy Birthday Sophie!! What a fun party! It looks great!!!