GrOSs FeST 2008

It was inevitable. Time for my mom's annual Halloween dinner. You may remember LAST YEAR'S debacle. This year she tried to tone it down for those with a more "sensitive palate." Did it work? I don't know. Look at that face. Those are tears...ACTUAL TEARS...from thinking about eating the food. Now, to my mom's credit, it was all, well...mostly normal food. We just made the mistake of telling Amelia the NAMES of the food. She wrote the name tags. It was all over for her at that point.

So, in the order they came up on my flash card, I present our dinner.

Mummy Parts

Ear wax on a Q-tip

Ice...with worms. This was fine until the ice melted and you had a gooey little worm resting in the bottom of your cup. GAG.

Bloody beverage

Monster eyeballs

And another version

Boogers on a stick

Shredded bones

Ghoul stew

The ambiance

Booger dip

The pictures don't do Seri justice. She was so mad about wearing this costume that she couldn't move. She never stops moving. She seriously never moved.

My mom has a spider that hangs on her calendar. Every time you make a loud noise, it drops and shakes and climbs back up. Lucy attacks it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Kill the spider!

Mummy dogs

Monsters in a jar

Bat cookies. ;)

I missed the coagulated blood (black Jell-o) and Frankenstein poop (chocolate cupcakes) because they came late to the meal.



Jen said...

seriously! Wow, your mom really goes all out!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I love seeing this report. I loved the ear wax and booger creations best!

ames said...

So fun and creative! It all looks delicious!

daiseymae said...

I love it! You are such a fun mom! Maybe one day you will in spire me to be as fun for my kids. . .or maybe I'll wait for the grandkids and just print off all your fun ideas to recreate for them.

Amber said...


itybty frog said...

I would be crying if someone tried to make me eat boogers and ear wax too.

Kris said...

That is just so fun! :) Poor girl.