Because five was feeling left out...

Fabulous Five that I stole from Chel's fabulous blog...that you can't read unless you are invited. ;)~

5 Favorite foods:

1. Brown Rice
2. Quinoa
3. Black beans
4. Cheese
5. Loaded sweet potatoes

5 Favorite colors:

1. Red
2. Red
3. Red
4. Red
5. Red

5 Favorite sports teams:

2. Um, that one football team
3. That other hockey team
4. The ones that shoot the balls into the basket
5. Do people still play baseball?

5 Favorite treats:

1. Convenience store nachos
2. Popcorn
3. Good bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
4. Swedish Fish
5. Warm rolls with butter and jam

5 Favorite desserts:

1. Tiramisu
2. Vanilla ice cream with home grown blackberries
3. Yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting
4. Bread pudding with caramel sauce
5. Peanut butter bars

5 Favorite ways to pass the time:

1. Blog
2. Sew
3. Garden
4. Photoshop
5. Read

5 Favorite physical activities:

1. censored
2. Ride my bike
3. Hike
4. Anything with my kids
5. Pilates

5 Favorite people:

1. Jeremy
2. My girls
3. My friends
4. My extended family
5. Ina Garten

5 Favorite music groups (or musicans):

1. U2
2. Snow Patrol
3. Jack Johnson
4. Michael Buble
5. Simon and Garfunkel

Favorite fruits & veggies:

1. Asparagus
2. Artichokes
3. Brussels Sprouts...no I am NOT kidding!
4. Avocados
5. Tomatoes
(I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian!)

Five obsessions:

1. Yummy smelling laundry
2. A clean pantry
3. Hair
4. Golden retrievers
5. Books

Five things you do every day (besides the obvious):

1 Drink ice water
2. Listen to the radio
3. Talk to Hilary
4. Pick up the front room
5. Deep breathing

Five joys:

1. My family
2. Music
3. My home
4. Being outside
5. The library

Five fears:

1. Something happening to any of my children
2. Same goes with my husband
3. Losing my parents
4. Guns
5. Screwing my kids up

Five surprising facts (I don't know how surprising they are, but facts none-the-less):

1. I am a pretty talented artist...I just don't use it like I should
2. I don't like cooked fruit...or really fruit for that matter. But I LOVE vegetables!
3. I don't like to bake, but I LOVE to cook!
4. I don't like to talk on the phone, but it seems I am ALWAYS on the phone.
5. I LOVE classical music!

Five people to tag:

Whoever is missing five in their life.


Candace said...

Those were some fun tags! Is a Tiramisu a Japanese dessert? I've never had it, I think I'll have to try!

daiseymae said...

Golden retrievers? really? I always pictured you as a small dog type of girl.

Fun tag I just might do this myself when my life slows down a bit.

Gabriela said...

convenience store nachos???

I too have an obsession with good smelling laundry. And, I like brussel sprouts!

Rachelle said...

I adore Snow Patrol and the color red.

JD said...

Red I am soooo into red!

Bilary said...

Um, do you by any chance like RED? :)

And where the heck was Bon Jovi on that list? Seriously letting me down here. Just kidding. That was a fun tag!

Jenn said...

That's actually a fun one. I won't find time to do this one for a while, but maybe one of these days... censored-- That's funny... ha ha. And even of you can't choose any team and you obviously don't care for sports you can still chear red sox- they have red in the name you are basically already a fan! ((Right!?!)

emlouisa said...

I miss you.


Anonymous said...

It is always fun to learn more about you.