Tess, first day of second year of preschool.

Last year was so much harder than this year. She was SO small last year...and this year, she seems so...I don't know, ready.

It had been a LOOOONNNNGGGG week. Every day asking several hundred times (and I am really not exaggerating on that) if it was the first day of school yet. We had to make a school chain so that she knew when it would be the day. She was up at 5:30 dressed and ready to do her hair, hence the reason it looks like it had been played in for the past three hours.

She is so different from her sister. When she came home, I asked her, "How was school?" and I get a "fine". Then I asked "What did you do?" to which her answer was "We learned and played things." AGGGGHHHH! Someday I will wrangle details out of her... in the meantime I am SO glad her teacher sends home a little report of what has happened each day so that I can ask her specifics.

She makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

yay for preschool.

Jenn said...

It must be like second child syndrome because Nikyla doesn't indulge in detail either. I wish we got daily reports.

Thank you for the love over at my blog. I appreciate it so much!!!

Bilary said...

I love that last picture - kind of like "Mom, this is the LAST time I'm gonna smile for you. Can't you see I am trying to color here!?" She is darling!

daiseymae said...

How cute. Harrisen also seems much more ready tis year than he did last year. Oh, how I'm grateful for that one.

Jane said...

She is so beautiful!
How is her nose doing?

Goat Girl said...

She is beautiful!! I wish Greta's teachers would send home a daily report. As it is we have to quiz her to find about school.