It's great to be eight!

My firstborn turned 8 today. It was kind of bittersweet. She has reached the age of accountability. I thought I was a basket case when she started Kindergarten...then again when she lost her first tooth. Now this. I pray that I have taught her right from wrong and now have to teach her about repentance and forgiveness. That is enough to tear any mother's heart up.

Much to my chagrin, Jeremy bought her a large case of Jelly Bellys--her recent favorite with the exception of cinnamon and black licorice, those go straight to her mom. The night before he surprised her with a dictionary and they read and looked up words just to see if they were in there.

She has been waiting all year for this. Her very own American Girl Doll...and her favorite one to boot! I don't see a ton of enthusiasm in this picture, but it was there.

We went out to breakfast and went to three different restaurants because we didn't think about it being Labor day on the same day as her birthday. How dare the Federal Government get in the way of my daughter's day? It didn't help that a huge storm hit and there was nothing left to do but eat.

We picked up little Rylee and headed to the Treehouse to play for a bit. We were lucky to go early because EVEN though I worked there through my college years and participated in the Pirate Party every Labor Day, it somehow slipped my mind. As we were leaving the line to get in wrapped outside the door. Insane. It was never that busy when I worked there.

You may notice a profound absence of my Tessie. She was camping with Grandma. Nuf said.

Just my Milia spinning and falling. I love her...even with those 'tween hormones.

Amelia and her cake. Amelia has been into fairies. She has her fairy garden, she plays them at recess, she and Rylee have this ongoing story about fairies. It is quite amusing. She adores them. So we decided to go with a fairy cake. I don't make cakes...they stress me out...so at our house, cakes come from Target. Same with Halloween costumes. Don't call me Martha.

Could they be any prettier?

A sampling of her cousins and her friends.

Blowing out her candles...it is a shocker that she was able to do this. I opened up the package of candles and most of them were broken! Hence, the reason there are a couple of candles that are an inch high.

We gave a piece to Sophie. I thought it would be good practice for her first birthday. Maybe I should let her feed herself more. You think?

She finally figured it out and even licked her fingers clean. Atta girl!

There is the enthusiasm I was waiting for!

Happy birthday sweetie! Can you slow down for the next eight years?


Char said...

Happy birthday to Amelia! Watch out for those AG dolls....I think they multiply.

ellen said...

Happy Birthday!

michelle said...

What fun pictures! It looks like a great day. If you find a way to slow down time, please share! It is going way too fast!

Julie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL girl! I cry at every birthday, but 8 was hard-exciting, but hard. I am so happy to hear I am not the only one dealing with tween emotions. I love that she is still excited about dolls and fairies. There is still some little girl left.
Happy Birthday!

Candace said...

Happy Birthday! What an exciting time in her life! So many memories will be made of her eighth birthday! And you have done a great job of raising her. She has such a sweet spirit, I know that she is destined for greatness!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Amelia!! My dd is 6yo and I'm stressing over her turning 8yo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday A!!!! I kept thinking about you guys yesterday wondering what fun things you were doing with the birthday girl. I love that first pic of sophie. Ha Ha Ha!!!

The Mathews Four said...

Your baby is very smart to sniff her cake before she tastes it. You want to be able to enjoy the whole experience!!!

Your Amelia is gorgeous and you've done a fine job with her. You're a great mom!
P.S. Whatever.... MARTHA!

daiseymae said...

Wow I can't believe how beautiful your girls are. I especially love the close up of her on the grass. I could definantly use some photography tips from you.

Madi is so excited for her and wants to know if it's okay to go to her baptism. Let me know when it is.

Jenn said...

This is a bad day for me to read this. I'm all in tears and the thought of an eight year old makes me cry even more. I totally understand your fear of having her ready for accountability! But you are a great loving mom-- and I am sure you have her ready!

She sure is a beautiful girl! Happy birthday! Hope Eight is the best year yet!!!

Bilary said...

She is so blasted cute. I love all of those pictures! And she looks so grown up in that outfit with the necklace. So sad! Where is the time going? She is turning into such a beautiful young lady though. Be proud.:)

Picture Perfect said...

Talk about being a "super" mom! You keep going and going! Those are really great pictures!

Amber said...

Adorable!! I can't believe she's 8! Happy Birthday!1

Linemoren said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 8 already, it seems just like yesterday she was just getting out of toddler status.... yikes, well, congrats to her and you as well!

Oh and fyi I am in NY where there is an American Girl Doll store... come visit any time! ;)

Linsey said...

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!!! She is so beautiful!