10 Months Old

SOMEONE is two months away from being a year.

Can anyone see that lump in my throat?

Sophie is getting too big, too fast. This month she has learned to pull herself up onto furniture, crawl up the stairs, torment her sisters, throw a fit when it is time for a diaper change and wave. She now says "Hi" and the name of whomever it is she sees.

We have also hit separation anxiety. I have permanent little claw marks on the back of my arm. That crawling skill has become pretty useless since she will no longer tolerate being put on the ground.

She has a mischevious little smile. I love seeing her grin and then make some of the noises she makes. She will pant like a puppy (she eats like one too); she learned how to move spit around in her mouth to make a clicking noise; she blows raspberrys, usually as a bite of food is in her mouth. She is super speedy when she crawls...except for on the kitchen floor. She HATES crawling on her knees in the kitchen. She goes right up onto tippy toes.

She is still my biggest eater. Five square meals a day and two long naps. She only nurses before bed. That makes me sad.

Her little personality is just starting to beam. She is super smiley and super happy...unless she is tired, then WATCH OUT! As you can see in the above picture. As soon as she did that, I put the camera down, carried her to her bed where she pulled her blanket on her and rolled over and she was OUT! Did I mention she is my BEST napper? LOVE THAT!


Jill said...

What a baby doll. To me she looks like such a mixture of her 2 sisters. Cherish every moment (and I know you do) for they sure do grow up fast.

Laurie said...

I am so glad to have this blogging community for reasons like this. I have never seen Sophie in person. But because you blog to tell about it, I have the opportunity to watch her grow. She fits the family mold!

Anonymous said...

wow!! What a great napper. And where does the time go? I remember you announcing you were pregnant and now she's almost one yr. old.

Amber said...

That last picture kills me. It looks like she should have some glasses in her hand instead of the binki and be in GQ.