Mother's Day 2008

As many mothers do, I have a hard time with Mother's Day. I have huge expectations for how I want to be appreciated (as most mothers do) and then I am disappointed. My poor husband knows he has bombed MD for years.

However, he is learning.

This year I was able to sleep in until 9:30! He made breakfast for all of us, got the girls all ready for church, made lunch, bought me some WONDERFUL gifts...that *I* wanted...not that he wanted, took care of the girls at church, made part of the MD dinner for me and my mom and sisters all while I sat with my feet up.
I loved watching him struggle with trying to have a meal ready on time while juggling a baby and two needy children in a messy kitchen ALL. BY. HIMSELF.

I must say, even though I love the perfumes, lotions, clothes, movies, flowers and books he spoiled me with, my most priceless and favorite gifts were the ones I received from those who call me mom. I cry every time I look over on my nightstand and see the beautiful things they made with their tiny, amazing hands.


Anonymous said...

For some funny reason, men look much more handsome in the kitchen!! I am glad you FINALLY had a good mother's day.

Bilary said...

Is it mean that we laugh while watching a husband try so hard to do something so sweet for us (cooking dinner while dealing with kids)? It seems evil, but it is very rewarding! Giggle, giggle.

daiseymae said...

I'm so glad your mothers day went well and you got a break. you deserve it. He really didn't do too bad on the kids hair either, they all looked beautiful.

Amber said...

Yay for your husband trying.

There is nothing hotter in our house then a husband with hands in soapy dishwater. ;)