May 11, 2008: All of the grand kids on my side lined up in birth order. A sea of pink with a blue caboose at the end.
It makes him sad,

Because he knows one day they WILL dress him up in pink.

And they won't know not to grab him there. So he cries. He had better get it all out before his dad tells him to "get used to disappointment". ;)


My daughter and my daddy. My heart is goo right now. Absolute mush.

She rubs his beard like that for hours. Have I mentioned I am a melted puddle on the floor right now?


I hope they love each other as much as I love my sisters. Every night I am so grateful that I have my sisters, and my girls. Life has come full circle.


Anonymous said...

I love the one of the princess kissing squishy. So precious! Sisters are great!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the cousin pictures too. Hopefully little R will have a boy cousin.

Isn't it the sweetest thing to see your dad with your baby. It is so tender!

Bilary said...

Those pictures are DARLING! And really, what is it about having your dad hold your baby girl like that? I know exactly how you feel! It is awesome!

But I have to say that I think your life will come full circle when your girls are all grown up and have daughters of their own and you can all hang out - you, your mom, your sisters, your daughters, and their daughters. What a fun thought!:)

Your girls are beautiful! And the cousins are darling too. What a fun post!

daiseymae said...

Baby boy is right on the mark! Little H knows just how he feels being the only boy with 4 older sisters. They try all kinds of stuff on him. but don't let dad know, he flipped at the pink nails he came home to while I was gone to youth conference. Tell him to be tough, soon the girls will all be afraid of him.

mammagena said...

What awesome pictures! I am SO doing a cousin shot like that when we leave Michigan & stop to see the fam in Utah! Love the little blue caboose!
And yes, I too, melt when I see my daddy holding my kids. I will never forge the first time he held Boo (the oldest)- seriously PRICELESS.
Family is so sweet!