A little Squishy

On May 11, I cut off that Mohawk. All of the rest of her hair was 1 inch long. She now has a boy haircut.

This isn't a random picture. This is how she moves. This is also the reason she has a bald spot the size New Jersey on the back of her head. She lifts her body up and is balanced by only her feet and her head and she pushes herself where she wants to go. I watched her do donuts in the living room today.

Her teeth are darling. That toothy/gummy grin melts me every time.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy posting! I love little squishy! I love those little teeth...I wish I could get a good picture of H's. She just never opens her mouth good enough to see them. She also pulls out all of her hair on top of her head, so we have never had the mohawk. I hope she stops that soon, or I am going to have a bald one year old!

Bilary said...

Her hair is darling! I love the haircut. And it isn't a boy haircut on a baby! You put way too many cute things in her hair for her to look like a boy! And come to think of it, just looking at the last picture as I write this comment...She doesn't look like a boy even without a bow. Very feminine looking baby. No worries. She is adorable!!!

daiseymae said...

LOVE the picture on the bottom of thes post. She looks so happy! She really is a beautiful baby.

kris said...

She is so darn cute!