Flowers and Fieldtrips

On May 13th, Spunky's school took a trip to a local nursery.

As she is with all field-trips and performances, the girl was in rare form. She wasn't happy about being there AT. ALL. Sigh. What is a mom to do? Seriously, I am asking. I want to know.

We saw some beautiful coy and the entire growing process of the fish.

The kids planted some flowers...that we had better plant soon before it dies in my garage.

They got their hands dirty.

This planting stuff is SERIOUS business!

And as always, things always turn out all right in the end...right as we are leaving.


Bilary said...

She is funny! Maybe it was the disappointment of waking up the day after your birthday and realizing the fun is all over and you have to wait a whole year to get another birthday!? Ya think? Either way, she was still adorable!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fun field trip...even if she didn't have a lot of fun! Poor M had to walk around town yesterday for her field trip. I am sure the grocery store was not that exciting!

My Full Hands said...

Do you think she'll have more fun planting it the second time?

daiseymae said...

Those picts are priceless. They look like they had so much fun. I wish little H wasn't a preschool dropout. I wanna go on a fun fieldtrip like that.

Andrea said...

I looove those dresses! The pink and orange just *POP*. They are outshining the flowers, in my opinion. I miss dressing little girls :(.