The Spunky One

In keeping in with my theme of gushing all about my daughters,
today it is my middle child's turn.

When I was expecting her, I always said "I will never have a blond-haired, blue-eyed child." This girl popped out proving how wrong I was, and she hasn't stopped since.

She was by far my best baby. Where the other two were colicky and fussy, she was for the most part content. Just happy to be where she was. In every memory I have of her she is smiling.

Always smiling.

She is such a contrast to her sister. DH and I used to joke saying that we had "Day and Night" children. Polar opposites. Spunky is fair where her sister is dark. Spunky is fun-loving and spontaneous where her sister is serious and solemn. When she was a baby, I called her "My little Sunshine" because she spread it wherever she went. She is so enthusiastic. Always the first to be ready to go on adventure, always clapping when we get to do something new. Every day she wakes up and asks if it is a school day or a church day. She loves going to both. She is very sad when it isn't. She craves being social.

I worry for her. I worry that she will feel lost in the shuffle. She is the little sister to and over-achiever and the older sister to a squishy baby. We all know how people gush over babies. When you ask her about her sisters she will tell you that she is lucky because she is the only one in her family that gets to be and older sister AND a younger sister. No one else has that. We make sure she knows that she has a very important role. I watch he with her endless energy and her sparkle that is individually hers and I know deep down, she will be fine.

You will never meet a more loyal sister or a more tender-hearted kid. She wants everything to be right in the world. Being upset with someone doesn't sit well with her. She craves and thrives on a peaceful world. A calm existence. She will say "Don't get mad at my sister" or "Please say nice things to me." She craves that peace.

Spunk has been my phase child. The first time we noticed is when she was about 4 months old. Every time she smiled at us, both legs would shoot straight up into the air. That continued for a month or so and the next phase was thumping. She would lie on the floor and pound both legs simultaneously on the ground...especially when she was happy. Her life so far has been a series of phases. She went through a phase where she mastered every puzzle in our house. That was all she wanted to do. She called her dad by his name until very recently. Several months ago we were going to enroll her in Spanish classes because she expertly rolled her "Rs", "T's", "L's" and "D's" every time she spoke. For almost a year, every time she needed one of us she would make us "wash her eye". My least favorite phase was the month when she had to clear her throat or a small cough. We are always surprised at what she will do next.

There is something about our three-year old and how she keeps us in line. She is the first to remind us to say a prayer or have Family Home Evening. She reminds us to read our scriptures. If you are too slow, she will take it upon herself to get the prayer going...regardless of if you are in the middle of a conversations. Lately these prayers consist of "Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for these rings and jammies. Bless the food. Bless us to have good dreams and not dream of monsters. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen." She is VERY grateful for pajamas.

I love watching her become who she will be. I love her enthusiasm. I love watching her face light up. I love how she is so extremely loyal to her sisters and her friends. She plays hard and loves deep. I love that about her.

She makes me happy.

And I love her.

Day 12


ellen said...

Nice tribute. Put a copy in her baby book and give her a copy when she goes to college; she'll be so happy to have it!

Meemer said...

we so have the same children! my spunky one is my blondie, he is the middle.

i love this. it is so sweet. you can tell how much of a joy she is in your life.

Bilary said...

I love that girl too. Darling picture! I love her phases. What do you think her next one will be? Her prayers sound like Lana's. I love this age! And although you have summed her up on paper, you could never capture her sweet giggle in words. LOVE HER to death!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts about your girls. It is so great to think about your child's good qualities. She is such a cute little girl.

The Rookie said...

She is too dang cute. I love these posts! I love hearing about their personalities

Gabriela said...

Awwww. you've got the cutest kids ever. (perfect for my boys someday!).

I too once said I would never had a blond haired blue eyed kid and Juan Carlos is both.

Love her phases!

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Sorry, I totally screwed up my post. It's late and I've had sick kids. Anyway, she is adorable. I would love to see her and Addie together. They sound like they would have a wonderful time together. I love the pictures!

sheri said...

So, so sweet!

Chel said...

What an adorable little girl you have there!