Have I ever mentioned that I am a registered Democrat?

Because I am.

And I am happy about last night.

And that is all I am saying about that.

Can we still be friends?

Day 11 (also known as the day many of my conservative friends don't like me anymore)


Bilary said...

I like her too! Maybe it's the name! Hehehe!

ellen said...


No Cool Story said...

They say love covers a multitude of ....hey! look at the pretty flower!!!!

Amy said...


Amber said...

I can't be your friend anymore... I prefer Obama to Hillary. Prefer being an understatement.

I am not however a democrat (even though I'm registered as one in Utah so I can vote for Obama in the primary).

But I'm certainly not a Republican...

paellaboy said...

I'm glad you are showing your true colors even if they are all blue or is it red?

Jennifer B. said...

I have a bi-partisan household. I may even like you more now.

*going back into lurk mode*

Meemer said...

i never understood why everyone hates her so. she gets points in book for that.

you would just love my in laws. they send me multitudes of hate hillary emails. booo

Chel said...

I suppose since I didn't know this fact before I knew you... and now I really like you... I'll just pretend I still don't know it so we can still be friends. :)

I'm kidding (sort of).

I'm definitely not a Democrat. But not so much Republican either. I am more about the views of the person and truly believe in Capitalism. You seem like a smart girl... a very smart girl... read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. You'll thank me for it.