Things to do before Wednesday

I just made this list of things that need to be done before Enrichment night Wednesday. I am starting at 6:00 this evening because T hasn't been feeling well today.

√*Have FHE
On hold *Piece together quilt
√*Watch DH's neice Chloe
√*Take girls to movie camp
√*Clean off my kitchen counters
√*Change bedding
√*Clean bathrooms
*Sew two tiny pioneer skirts and aprons for 24th parade
√*Sweep and mop kitchen
*Buy mums for pots on the front porch
√*Sweep front porch
*Fold all of the laundry and put it away
*Vacuum the entire house
√*Put away all of the craft supplies on my kitchen table
On hold *Start sorting through craft things to give to the D.I. (Goodwill)
On hold *Finish stitchery for photo montage above the piano
*Dust ALL surfaces in my house so people don't know how lazy I really am
√*Clean off my desk
√*Make tablecloth for table on front porch
√*Spruce up pillows for front porch
*Host Enrichment Night bonfire
√*Pick up pictures and lunchbox from Target
√*Clean laundry room
√√√*Fall to the ground exhausted

Anyone want to come and help?


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Uh, I would, but I'm in Washington.

Exactly why do you have to have all this done before Wednesday night?

Stephanie said...

Because I am CRAZY! I work better under pressure. I also don't want people to come into my house and discover what a terrible slob that I really am.

brandi ginn said...

Holy hanna chick!

don't you wish we could clone ourselves? or survive without sleep?

All I gotta say is someone was FINALLY listening when enrichment went to 4 times a YEAR! Killing yourself like this every month was just asinine.

uh-oh...Natalie has just learned how to flush the TOILET

Dawnyel said...

You are so motivated...I hate having things I NEED to do! If I was there I would help you also, but alas, I'm not! I will be in your neck of the woods for a little while this weekend, but I don't think Friday is before Wednesday! Good luck! :)

itybtyfrog said...

I love having a good reason to get all those little things done that I have been putting off. I hope you get everything done on your list.

No Cool Story said...

Steph, you better hurry hurry!, there's only a few hours left, perhaps if you don't sleep you might get things done in time, ha ha ha!!!!

What is "movie camp"? It sounds fun, would you be a dear and in your free time pick me up, so I can go to this movie camp thing, sounds fun.

I'd come with Naddin to help, but we can't sorry :(

Nikkie said...

wow, now thats a list! I'd gladly come help if I could!

There are so many things on that list I need to get done here too!

Valarie said...

Oh man! That's quite a list. I hope T is feeling better soon and I am SO bummed I missed meeting you again. Good thing you're not the one from another state. We need to try again soon.

utmommy said...

What a list! I work good under pressure too.

What are you guys doing for your Enrichment? I need ideas. I just got called to be the leader. I was it a while ago in our old ward before the change, so we'll see how it goes this time. Anyways sounds like you are going to be pretty busy, have fun! Oh, and I'm sure you aren't a slob.

Grammy said...

Gosh, I would have thought you would have accomplished "fall the the ground exhausted" just from compiling the list. I hope you survive. Wish I was there to help out. Good luck!

Tori :) said...

That list sounds eerily familiar...

Gina said...

I could come over on Saturday to help sew... there is no way I can help before tomorrow...

Glass Half Full said...

Ok -- you sparked a list in my head and how will I fall asleep tonight??? :) HA!

Cmommy said...

Please, can you add one more thing to the list?: Will you tell me how to piece together a quilt? And, how to make one? Thanks :-)C