Preschool Program

Tess had her final preschool program. And by final, I mean preschool is over! The big K is up next! I am so excited for her. The kid NEEDS Kindergarten. We love preschool but I think she needs five days a week (and by that I mean MOMMY needs five days a week)!

Here they are marching and waving flags.
And sharing all of the songs they learned.

Tess showing off her candlestick jumping skills.

And her receiving her graduation certificate.

And Tess with Mrs. Eve and Grandma Porter. Grandma Porter came to class everyday to help Mrs. Eve. She was such a wonderful addition to the classroom and the kids ate her up! Mrs. Eve is such a great teacher. Amelia and Tess have both thrived under her instruction. I can't wait for Sophie to attend her school as well. Why can't Mrs. Eve teach 2 year olds??? (hint, hint)
We had a great two years and we will miss the influence of Tessie's preschool.

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