Amelia's Poetry Program

I have to brag about Amelia's 3rd grade teacher. She is the BEST!!! All year long her kids worked on memorizing poems that her husband had written as well as Shel Silverstein. 12-15 total. Some were several minutes long. They presented this program to the parents. I, like most parents, have a hard time sitting through several programs...especially the looooonnnnngggg ones that have more than one grade, but this one was SO fun and so darling!

The kids would recite one or two poems and then a couple would come down and tell each other jokes. We were rolling. I think the parents that attended had as much, or more fun than the kids.

The whole class

Amelia and Sidney telling their jokes

Sidney, Amelia and Rachel...the three amigos

And then the little sister three amigos. All six of these girls would come over for late nights all throughout the year. We were so sad when Rachel and Kimi moved far, far away.

Just because I love these pictures.

We walked for ice cream afterwards.

And Tess waved to everyone.

Amelia and Mrs. Rees at Mrs. Rees's retirement party. Amelia was one lucky girl to have her before she was done. Mrs. Rees has completely spoiled every teacher from here on out. We adore her and she was definitely one in a million!!!

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