Why White Dogs and Melting Snow Don't Mix


Meemer said...

that is one cute doggy. even with the mud, she is adorable!

Bilary said...

Holy cow! Is this what you do when you all have a tummy bug at your house? You did some serious blogging sista!

I LOVE all of these posts! The one of Sophie snitching some cake is to die for! And the picture of her looking at the apple like she just can't quite figure out how to get that goodness in her is hilarious!

And I love the pics of the girls with Aubree. SO cute!

Have I ever told you that I think your girls are adorable? just reminding you!;)

daiseymae said...

Reminds me a lot of my dog growing up. only where your dog is naturally black mine was a light tan. and the mud stains never came out all the way, because she spent so much time in it. Cute puppy though.

emlouisa said...

I"m not a dog person. But that dog is seriously ADORABLE. Holy cow.

And thanks for kicking my bum into gear on facebook. I updated my blog after hearing how bored you were. You're welcome. LOL

Tara said...

Hey cute girly!

Yep we are moving! BUT - not outta state like Nate & Kara...so we can still hang! We are just downsizing....we have a realtor who seems pretty confident that she can sell it...we will see. CUTE posts, by the way!!