9 Months

That Squishy baby is 9 months old. She is getting to be so much fun. She laughs at things, she plays games, she babbles SO much! The babbling thing is good. Since the day she turned 8 months, she didn't talk at all. No mumbling, no cooing, nothing. I was super worried. Turns out that she was concentrating on another skill and had to set that one aside for the time being. Now she is back in full force gabbing.

She says "MMMMM" for food, "Ah-Yah" for Amelia, "Tssss" for Tess and "Babababa" for mom which is also the same word for nursing. Hmmm.

We finally finished her room this month. Poor kid had to wait almost a year to have a cute room. It still isn't fully finished. I need to figure out above her shelf and order the pictures for her frames and figure out something above the crib.

That aforementioned skill....crawling.

Although most of the time she still prefers to do her inchworm, army crawl alternation, she can and does crawl.

She is still eating like a champ. She doesn't like anything with rice but will down anything with sweet potatoes and cinnamon.

Her eyes are still a mystery. Some days they look like they may sway to brown, others they look indigo...almost violet.

She will play by herself for hours. She is simply happy to be.

She had her well-baby check today and right now she is sitting at a whopping 16lbs 11ozs (20th %) and is 28 1/2 inches long(75th%). Which makes her my biggest baby to date. Her poor doctor couldn't keep his stethoscope around his neck she was so grabby.

Have I mentioned that I love this baby? That I am babying her more because I know she is my last and that I won't get to do this again? Cause I am.


michelle said...

Super sweetie! What a cute room! I think I will pick up Joshua's now so that maybe I can remember what a cute little kid room looks like!

Jill said...

This is one of the prettiest nurseries I have EVER seen. I love the soothing colors, the simple sweetness of it all. I know I don't usually comment, but I just had to this time.

Amber said...

LOVE IT! So beautiful. I need to get started on my girls rooms.

Char said...

Thanks for indulging me and posting pics of her room. It's beautiful, as is she!

daiseymae said...

Her room looks great. Are you for hire?

Candace said...

Her room is darling. You are so talented!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

She is truly precious! Glad you are soaking it up! It goes too quickly!

Love the window seat changing station! Great idea!

Josh and Jen said...

Happy 9 months!! Her room is gorgeous!!

kris said...

She is just beautiful! I also love her room. You are so creative!

Prudy said...

What a gorgeous room and beautiful girls! Taffi sent me over to wish you a happy birthday. What a wonderful blog!