Sophie at 8 Months

Is she just yummy or what?

I LOVE THIS KID! I just absolutely LOVE HER!!!

I know she is 8.5 months when I am posting this, but who is counting anyways?

She isn't crawling yet, she gets on her hands and knees and then cries. Cries for anyone who will come and unstick her. This is particularly frustrating for mommy since she does it in the middle of the night. She is a voracious eater. The kid eats with GUSTO. The entire time she is eating she says "MMMMMMM". Those caps are for a reason. She doesn't just say "MMMMMM", she growls it. When she falls asleep, she has to have something on her head. This has been going on since the day she was born. We put a lovey over her face and she is out like a light. The other day I was doing some grocery shopping and one of the employees came running after me to let me know that my baby was suffocating. She yanked the blanked off Sophie's head and woke her up. I almost ran over the employee with my shopping cart.

Her top two teeth came in and she has stopped biting me while nursing. The nursing will commence and I may let her nurse until she reaches Kindergarten. Or she can open my bra by herself, whichever comes first. Since she is proving to be a lazy type, I am thinking the two will happen simultaneously.

I had heard rumors that your third is your mellow baby. It is holding true for her. She is content to play in the family room by herself while only looking up occasionally for a smile from mommy...which I am happy to oblige. She LOVES to kiss! Unsuspecting strangers may get a big ol' slobbery baby kiss if they don't watch out.

She loves other kids. She absolutely lights up when she sees her cousins Bubba, Emily and Rowdy and her baby best friend, Kate. Recently her sisters went camping with their grandma and she was missing them. I had a picture of the three girls on my computer and when I sat down to check my e-mail, she grabbed at the picture and cried for her sisters. I will relish THAT kind of devotion to her sisters.

She is my snuggler. My baby koala. My lova-love. My sweetness. If she were any yummier, I would gobble her up.

And she is growing up WAY too fast!


Bilary said...

Okay, first of all, why didn't you run over that employee??? Sheesh! Some people! Hey, that gives me an idea...Maybe I could borrow a shopping cart to use on a neigh...never mind.

And second, I love that you describe her as a koala. That is PERFECT! She is so dang darling! I want one of those kisses! She is a sweetie, and you tell her she can slobber all over me any ol' time!

Before you know it, we will have two more girls getting "emotional" with each other. :( They get big too fast!

Char said...

She is just too sweet! I wish my 3rd had been my mellow one instead of the spawn of Satan.

P.S. I'm blogging again (at least for now)....

Nicole B. said...

She is a cutie and sounds like such a great baby! My third has been pretty mellow so far, I am hoping he will stay that way. BTW that recipe in you last post looks so good I am going to have to give it a try!

utmommy said...

Great picture!

They do grow up way too fast.

Stacy said...

Yay!! I'm glad nursing is working out for you!! she is so cute, I love her too!

daiseymae said...