My husband ever so sweetly asked me if I would take this down.

He's right. I should. Because I really shouldn't vent on the internet...because my life is all daffodils and roses, right?

Shame on me for keepin' it real.

I made a face at him when he asked me.


Chel said...

wow... they are lame. I'd be just as frustrated with it as you. Especially because you know they can pay, but choose not too.

Bilary said...

Want me to egg their house? I need to let out some rage right now, and it would be fun to take it out on someone like them!:)

Hey, I got your back! I'm your BFF, and I would gladly go to the slammer for you for egging someone's house. But, come to think of it, if I am going to the slammer I better make it worth it. Should I do something more fun? I could make sure I only get the front of the house so you don't have to look at a dirty mess!

Okay, I really can't do that, but we can both be the queens of passive aggression. Want me to help you think up a plan? HEHEHE!

Tori :) said...

THey do suck. I'm sorry.

Amber said...

I'm buggged for you. That sucks. I've had neighbor issues and they STINK! Ugg.

Ashley said...

I hate stupid neighbors! That sucks that they owe you so much money.

Laurie said...

Sorry to hear that they won't be responsible adults about this matter. It is not any fun watching neighbors spend money that they claim they don't have right now.

I think that they want their cake...and to eat it too.

LovingTheChaos said...

Moral of the story...NEVER get to know your neighbors! ;)

They suck and I would sue! You could be on Judge Judy!!!


utmommy said...

So sorry. I'd be totally bugged too. How annoying.

kris.cawley said...

BlackEyedSue is a Saint! Even though she was seething from rotten neighbors, she was a nice neighbor and came to school to decorate my bulletin board because I have less-than-stellar parental support this year. AND I haven't had the princess for nearly three years now! AND she had already done a bulletin board for the Princess' teacher this year! AND she brought the pea in tow to do it! AND she got a sitter for Spunky to do it! AND it was probably her BFF who is an equally nice neighbor. AND it was the cutest bulletin board I've had all year! AND I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and creativity! Extra blessings sent your way; Your not nearly as spiteful as you think you are. :D