Taking a break

So, I'm needing to spend some more time with these goobers

and I have about a gazillion projects that I am working on, so I am taking a bloggy breather. Who knows for how long. Probably a week.

Until then, you can go here and sign up for my giveaway. I will be posting on that bloggy again on Friday with a winner!

I can't leave for a break without a proper send off. I was cleaning off my memory card for my camera and came across these pictures.

For the full story on this, go here.

Aren't they stunning?

We are in big trouble in about nine years.

They aren't related, are they?

He takes his trashy mags very seriously. That or my sister's house needs some new reading material.

Yes. That is Ben & Jerry's. We start them young.


utmommy said...

Enjoy your blogging breather.

Cute pictures!

The Rookie said...

Enjoy your break. We will miss you.

And I love that DH is reading the National Trashionals at Spoonsy's...I like to read those there too! :)

Shanda said...

Cute Fam!! Enjoy your break!! I think I am always on break lately, i take forever betweeen postings

Alice said...

Enjoy your time off, we will miss you.

I love all the pictures. Your girls are too cute.

Confession: Like DH, I have a weakness for those stupid magazines. :)

Paula said...

Love the pictures. Enjoy ythe break.

Amber said...

Cute kids, funny husband. I'll miss you!

Lei said...

gotta love random pcitures!

Jane said...

enjoy your bloggy break, but don't make it too long.

Love the pictures. And yes you are in trouble in 9 years, maybe less!!