Faires, Mermaids, Ninjas and Cops all in a Magical School

Was the theme of the Princess's opera. I have loved that her school does this each year in the first and second grades. The Utah Opera Company provides a grant that allows the classes to compose their own opera. They start from scratch and make the storyline, the costumes, the music, the words, the props. It is something they work hard on all year long. I am so proud of her for her participation.

On Wednesday we were able to finally see all of their hard work come to fruition.

Her class painted the props for three hours. Twenty six first graders, one teacher, one art specialist, four parents and Spunky and Squishy with tempura paint made for an interesting afternoon.

Marching down the hall ready for her debut.

Princess and one of her favorite friends from her classroom, Sydney as a fairy and a mermaid.

In the opera, she is a fairy named "Topaz". We have had quite the debate for four weeks on exactly what color topaz was. Orange or blue. So we went with both.

The fairies teaching the mermaids how to walk...remember this is a magical school. Mermaids don't need water here...and they have legs so they can put "one foot in front of the other...now your doing it...one foot in front of the other." Imagine little musical notes around that.

I love that my kids will wave to me when they are supposed to be paying attention. They love me.

The princess and her teacher. I adore this teacher. She has been such a wonderful part of the princess's school career and we have been so blessed to have her as a part of our daughters life. She has helped the princess develop a larger thirst for reading and a desire to write and to accomplish so much. She has pushed the princess to go far, and for that we will always be grateful.


Bilary said...

She looks GORGEOUS! She is very photogenic too. I loved the costume you came up with, and her hair was nothing less than perfection.

I love the picture of her waving at you. So sweet!

You are such a good mom to get so involved and not bomb out like me because I am just ready for school to be done!

Chel said...

Awesome! She looks adorable!

daiseymae said...

She looks sooo cute! She did a great job. I'm glad our school participates in this program. It's so much fun for the kids, and they learn alot in the process.
By the way I'm pretty sure topaz is both blue and orange, so you made a good choice.