All Grown Up

I feel old. Very old. When I graduated from High School, my baby brother wasn't even in Kindergarten yet.

I am feeling my age.

Because Kid Brother graduated from High School on Monday.

I remember the day he was born,

I remember the first time he peed on me when I changed his diaper.

I remember when he tried to sell rocks to the neighborhood wandering up and down the street with rocks he had found in our backyard yelling "ROCKS FOR HELL!" He couldn't pronounce his S's.

I remember taking him to JC Penny's with a friend and he ran away from us and when we couldn't find him for 10 minutes I bawled hysterically like a baby and when we found him, I hugged him and then smacked his behind.

I remember when he smeared my brand new lipstick on my light bedroom carpet.

I remember the first time he held the door open for me.

I remember as a newlywed, he would ride his bike to my apartment when I came home for lunch and I would make pb&js and we would eat them together.

I remember the first time he spoke in church, and the first time he passed the sacrament.

I remember the first late night talk we had.

I remember having him watch my daughters and coming home to them sleeping on his chest.

I remember him comparing heights and the first time he really was taller than me.

I remember the first video he made and laughing at his antics.

I will always remember his ridiculous tie collection and how DH and I are always trying to contribute.

I will remember his thrift store clothing days.

I will remember watching LOST with the boy.

I will always remember the first time I looked at my little baby brother and saw a man in his place.

It was Monday.

Congratulations Buddy!

My dad and I goofing off during graduation. Those things get long you know.

The graduates

Taking the walk.

The graduate

And his proud parents who are now done with kids in school...at least school required by law.

The man

And the shoes that will define his high school career.


The Rookie said...

Woo-hoo Kevster! I remember babysitting him when he was just a toddler (and feeding him rotten yogurt-whoops!). And I think I might've purchased a rock, or at least been solicited.

This makes me feel dated.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog! I have linked you on my page.

ellen said...

Nice post! Brothers are great!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

What a beautiful tribute, Blackeyedsue!

Bilary said...

That is so sweet! Look at what a stud he is. Watch out ladies! :)

Now just wait until that picture of your parents and him is a pitcure of your parents and him as a missionary just entering the M.T.C. Makes me cry for you to think about it. There is something so hard about seeing a baby brother grow up. I feel all the stuff you said about him - only in different ways for my little brothers. I loved this post!!!

I hope he reads it and knows what an awesome big sis he has in you and how much you love him!:)

Chel said...

oh goodness... I'm totally relating. When baby brother graduated in '07 and left for his mission in August of '07... I was feeling old all the sudden. I guess he's not a baby anymore and that makes me feel really old.

Loved this! Your baby bro sounds awesome!