I finally know!

I have long wondered why it is that I have terrible pregnancies when so many women have super easy ones.

He didn't want me to have more than three children.

Or twins.

Cause today I had that experience.

And I would be locked in a padded room for the rest of my mortal existence.

DH and I watched his sister's kids today. Squishy and Bubba are 30 hours apart, give or take a few minutes. That's kind of like twins, right?

His big sister Bugs, is two.

And did I mention that while they were here, we also had my bff's two oldest girls over.



Now, here is my disclaimer. NONE of the kids were bad. I am just weak. And tired. Squishy had a double ear infection all week, and neither of us slept. So whatever energy I had was zapped this afternoon, through no fault of the kids...except for Squishy.

And if you notice the time stamp on this post, you are wondering why I don't just go to bed.

And it's because my mind won't turn off.

And way too many sentences are starting with 'AND', which I know is grammatically incorrect. But frankly, it's my blog, and I don't care.

Squishy is following in Princesses footsteps. When the Princess was a baby, you could not make her sit. AT. ALL. She would stiffen up as soon as you tried to put her down. Countless people would tell me that I was doing it wrong, and they would try to make her sit. Then they would apologize when she wouldn't.

We put Squishy on the couch she stiffened up, and sat, and stiffened up, and sat, and...well...you get the picture.


How convenient. Gender specific bouncy seats.

Thanks to one of my MOFia friends, my children have become enchanted with Dr. Demento's "Fish Heads"
And this is how most of our afternoon and evening was spent.
Ignore my cluttered house. Double Ear Infection + Grumpy Squishy + Tired Mom + 2 Other Kids = Mass Chaos.

I should invest in ear plugs.


LovingTheChaos said...

You are strong! I would have just said no! I can't handle my own two let alone a bunch more and I have NO infants. :)

You're kids are SO cute. I love the gender-specific bouncy seats!

You rock!

The Rookie said...

Bless you, my child! Hopefully you can recover over the next week.

That video is too funny! I love that Spunky is doing her own thing (whatever that thing is). It fits her personality. DH is a good sport...quite the dancer.

Monkey Fingers and Toes said...

It also doesn't help when your sister pops in at 9 o'clock, and your trying to bathe the baby. GOOD LUCK!

Bilary said...

Oh, my stinkin' kids! I'm sorry. I really should NOT have allowed you to let them be there.

I owe you...BIG TIME!!! Do you need a break this next weekend and I will take all three of your kids while you and your DH get out! Just pick - Friday or Saturday night! I am planning on it. (Unless you want to ditch church on Sunday and go out - I'm down with that too. Any excuse to ditch is great:)

Thanks for letting them play though. You saved me.

Butterfly Mama said...

Wow, you are brave! As well as a super mom!!


utmommy said...

7 children is a lot for anyone.

Hope Squishy gets feeling better.

Alice said...

There is a special place in heaven for you ;)

I love the video. The kids are so fun to watch, and DH really is a trooper.

Hope Squishy is feeling better. Check out her legs muscles.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! 7 kids... that is a lot. I don't know how anyone can handle that many all the time. I love the little dance video, and that J got in on the action too. LOL!!!

Mattsmom said...

So funny. I seriously remember singing a similar version of that song when I was young. I didn't even know it was still around! You are so brave to take that many extra kids...after ear infection week to boot! You rock!

Paellaboy said...

Woah! Looks like the BFF's had a blogging extravaganza. Nice changes.

ellen said...

That's enough for a field trip! I like your new blog design!

taffi said...

you're welcome. :devil: :)

love the new look, btw.

Tai said...

Don't you love the mass chaos kids bring? Funny I don't remember doing that to my mom!!! HA HA HA!! You seriously have every right to be crazy with seven kids!! Who wouldn't be? My mo in law had 8 and she is definitely crazy!!Cute Blog, hope you don't mind I looked at it!!

kris said...

Thank you so much. I didn't know Squishy had been sick - I'm sorry! (Bubba is pounding on the keyboard as I'm trying to type.)

Fish heads! That's hilarious. I totally remember that song becuase of J. I also remember "Doggy Doo." I'm going to search for that on YouTube.

I hope you've recovered. When can the Pea come and play?

kris.cawley said...

I wanna come play at your house. It looks more fun than mine. Triple love Princess's outfit: Saloon girl meets Disney?

I have to admit I'm a little curious and somewhat frightened about the Genetian Violet... Gotta go look that up on Wiki or something. :D

Also MOFia? Hmmmmm. It's Official - You are way more hip than me.

Love seeing your sweet girls, Mrs.C

michelle said...

Yep, that is why they should come one at a time! And my warped hubby sings that to my kids. I have to get them to listen to the real version!

Andrea said...

Chaos is good because it reminds you that your smaller number isn't so bad! It looked like a fun day anyway!

I'm sorry to hear that you had not-so-fun pregnancies. That has been the easy part for me, but the newborn-colicky (sp?)-crying-no sleep-part....not always fun.

Darn. I wish they had spellcheck on comments-I'm such a slacker on spelling lately.

Thanks for your expertise advice btw :)

Suzanne said...

It sounds like you need a well deserved nap! Hopefully you find the time for one! :)