Mental Health

This past weekend we went on what my husband and I refer to as a "mental health weekend". We pack up the kids and the car and we head where the wind takes us. DH has been working 60 hour weeks and needed a much deserved break...so did I.

Mandatory from here to there pictures

What Squishy did the entire way there and the entire way back.

All of a sudden she has 'tude!

And her little sister is following her lead.

This monument was dedicated to my great-great grandpa. He was one of the pioneers that was told to settle this little valley that we went to visit. At the time of his death, he was the oldest Civil War vet and the oldest and longest member of the LDS faith. He delivered most of Brigham Young's children. Spunky just thought it was cool that her great-great-great grandpa had a long beard and moustache.
We saw the temple. My friends husband told me some interesting facts about this temple. It is only temple in the church that was built from an existing structure. They no longer made the brick that was on the original tabernacle and the church found a home that had the same brick. They de-bricked his home and redid the outside of his home so the brick would be authentic. Also, when they were excavating the base of the temple, they found that arches were built underneath that allowed for easier positioning of the baptismal font.

Of course, as goes with any family vacation, the kids wanted to get back to the hotel to swim.

All of that driving and walking and swimming wore them out. I love it when they snuggle like this.

When in Dinosaurland, one must see dinosaurs. By-the-way, now the Princess is going to be a paleontologist, a pre-school teacher, a physicist and work in a movie theater.

Some of the diverse landscape. It was a veritable smorgasbord. Desert, spring, forest and winter all at once.

Big Fish

Flaming Gorge

Us. DH's nose has some weird angle on it. He really doesn't look like Cyrano. I promise.

"Remember the Maine."
Funny story. When I was younger my family took a trip here and my dad was all excited to show us this painting on the wall. From the sound of his story, the flag was as big as the canyon wall. We pulled up and got out of the car and started laughing. It looks bitty from where we were. This is with my zoom lens.
The people around these parts were excited because this was painted without scaffolding or the restraints of today, it was painted while people were lowered in hot air balloons.

We found petroglyphs.

Neved mind where I am pointing to in the picture. I was showing the kids the outline and DH just happened to shoot this when my hand was there.

I snuck, sneaked, whatever out after all of the kidlets were in bed and met MOF Rachelle from "Teacher, Mom, Mad Woman". I love her. If she ever moves by me, we will so hang.

Things got a little dicey going over Daniel's Pass on the way home.

We stopped and had sushi for lunch.

The kids got a little goofy with our camera. The princess took this one.

We also visited the Planetarium, but we have about a gazillion, trillion pictures of us there. You can only have SO many pictures of the Planetarium. So we left the camera in the car.

Spunky can't wait to go again.


kris said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! So fun.

Bilary said...

I love the picture of the kids with the fish. It looks like they are having a very serious conversation with that thing. Love it!

And get real, we all know that you like to touch man parts - even if it is a picture on a rock wall. Hehehe. I love that shot. Classic!

Your kids are sweet, beautiful, and so are you! I love to see pictures of your family having so much fun together. You all so deserve it after the hellish pregnancy you had!

Anonymous said...

I love the meat loaf cupcakes. Did the girls actually eat them?

It is funny that we lived right by where you went for your mental health weekend and we never saw any of those things. Well, we did go to the temple. It looks like you had a great time. I hope you are all refreshed!

Ryley said...

WOW!! You are such cool parents.. I am totally taking note of this..
So I can be a fun mom too!!!

Looks like you guys had a blast!

The Rookie said...

I love that last picture! I'm glad you were able to get away. Everybody needs a break!

Jane said...

I want to go on a mental health week end! I loved all of the pictures, it looks like you had a blast!

Come to Phoenix for your next one.

Ashley said...

We need a mental health day too. My husband also works 60 hour weeks so I can stay home. We have great guys!

I loved dino land as a kid. Fun pictures!

Josh & Jen said...

What a great weekend trip! I loved the photos!