What Jesus Wants

When Spunky started her Sunday School class this year, she apparently had a lesson on Jesus and what he wants us to do. This has turned out to be quite a convenience for Spunky. It started out relatively normal.

"Jesus wants us to share" Said when she wanted her Grandma to share her cake.

"Jesus wants us to take turns" Said when she wants a turn on the computer.

"Jesus wants you to be nice to me" Said when I had to put her in time out.

I buy that. Jesus wants those things for everyone.


"Jesus says to feed me yummy food" Said when I put the snacks up.

"Jesus wants me to watch MY movie" Said when her sister put an alternative in the DVD player.

"Jesus wants me to play with my friends" Said when I told her a friend was too sick to play.

"Jesus wants me to be happy and NOT say the prayer" Said at lunch today.

Tonight I think that Jesus wants me to *not* wring her neck.


Whenever Marie Callendars has their pie sale, we indulge. I now have photographic evidence of one of her shenanigins. In case you were wondering. And yes, DH is wearing one of my pink aprons. Wanna make something of it?

We no longer leave pie out on the counter.


Chel said...

Oh my goodness... that is SO funny. Maybe not to you, but that little Spunky one cracks me up!!

She really knows how to work it, doesn't she?!

Alice said...

That is too cute. Her Jesus explanations remind me of when I was a little girl and said "my mom said..." until my mom busted me saying, "Alice, I didn't say that" Oopsy! Guess I quit saying that.

Smart girl. Gotta get to the pie while she can :)

BallerinaGurl said...

HYSTERICAL!! Can't wait for my little CTR to start telling me how Jesus wants me to conduct our household! She learned about the Resurection and goes around telling everyone that if they die it's ok because when Jesus comes back they will to and be "res-her-ected". Kidspeak, gotta love it LOL!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

That is so funny how Jesus is always on her side! Good luck not wringing her neck.

Bilary said...

I don't know what is funnier...The pie eating or the pink apron on your hubby.

Good job not getting mad, but taking a picture instead for the rest of us to enjoy!

Again, love that kid!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute!!! I would have never known that was J wearing your apron! I can't really blame T. I would have been snitching some pie too. Yummy!

SweetPea said...

I LOVE this!! She is way too cute--totally made me laugh!

Shannon said...

Now we all know one of the reasons she is called the Spunky one! She is very funny!

P.S. Sorry for last night's cancellation. I really don't want to get any of you sick.

Jeremy said...

The real story? I let the girls choose which apron I wore to make breakfast. That kind of stuff buys me celebrity status around here and I crave the giggles that follow.

Pie from Marie Callendars is so much fun, Sweetie. Maybe some day we'll find that pie we can agree on (pumpkin?) but until then it's still me Chocolate Cream, you Chocolate Satin. Me Peach. You Pecan. Fortunately there is one thing we can agree on. Microwave popcorn.

No problem, Shannon, thanks for sounding the alarm. We'll do it again soon.

Heidi said...

I love it! With my kids, it's the fingers. In everything. It must be a tactile thing. They have to touch the food before they eat it. Go figure. J, the pink suits you well. I bet it complemented your complexion well :)

Mattsmom said...

HILARIOUS! I just can't wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Spunky got into that pie! A girl after my own heart!

ellen said...

I miss Marie C. I don't think she's on this side of the Mississippi River.

Amy said...

What a cute girl!

I love the pink apron!! What is next ... pink painted nails and hair bows?

Linemoren said...

That is awesome, that is SPUNK like Pippi Longstocking had!!! GREAT!!!!!
As for daddy in pink... no one in their right mind would make anything of that!!!! :)

Paula said...

that is so funny. Jesus is such giving God to sweet little girls.

Pie looks yummy too.

Michelle said...

What a character! Not entirely related, but my son has just started saying his own prayers at night. He says 'dear jesus, b'ess mommy, b'ess daddy, b'ess baby 2, b'ess Teddy. Night night, amen' I think it's sweet.