My Life Monday...Pictures and Stories

My Life Monday's topic today is a picture and the story behind it. I couldn't stop with one.

We call this picture "Dangling Baby"

Spunky has always been a little monkey. I used to live in fear of even getting a shower because I never knew what would happen while I was in the shower. I remember walking down the stairs and she would be standing in the middle of our kitchen island dancing. I promise I wasn't being negligent, I was putting laundry away.

She was always fascinated with our bar stools. In fact, that is how she learned to walk. She would climb up them and put her hands on the seat and push it around the kitchen. As soon as she mastered walking, she would climb them. Which brings us to the above picture. She was trying to get to the pitcher of pink lemonade on the counter...THAT is a whole different post in itself. She was always trying to get to something on the counter. She had a problem though. She would climb up and reach for whatever would suit her fancy and push the bar stool away. Then she would dangle. We found this quite to our advantage. When she would dangle, she wouldn't get into things. Dangling baby=No mess. Smart parents, eh?

Just kidding. We only let her dangle long enough to snag a picture. And check out her bedhead.

Now, DH and I have different recollections behind this picture. I remember putting the Princess in her room for a time out. She was very quite. It's never good when they are really quiet. Right? I went up to her room to check on her and I couldn't find her. It didn't occur to me to look on top of her kitchen. DH says that it was something else. I don't remember what, so because it's convenient and also my blog, we will go with my story. And you've gotta love the hair.

And just because I don't feel quite right doing a post that shows my other daughters hair at it's finest. I have to include Squishy in this. She isn't capable of climbing or being naughty yet, so we will go with her Kramer do. No wonder I am obsessed with hair.


Bilary said...

Holy cow! The baby picture looks so much like Squishy. I can see both of your other girls in her, but in the nose and mouth, she looks just like Spunky. WOW!

Your kids are so stikin' cute! I love to remember your kids' fun phases with you. I can remember the dangling phase, and the crazy morning hair. Oh, I love your kids.

Thanks for the little stroll down a fun memory lane!

Anonymous said...

They are cute even when they are being naughty!

Chel said...

Those are great pictures! I have a feeling Jaxon and Spunky would be the best of friends!! Double Trouble!!

Such fun things.. I may have to start doing "My Life Monday."

P.S. I have the same Pampered Chef pitcher-- they are great.

The Rookie said...

That is too funny. I'm glad you saw the priority of capturing that picture before getting her down! ;)

Ryley said...

Dangling baby... SWEET!!

I'm taking notes..

Me: "Dangling baby = no mess"

Noted for the future!! :)

Alice said...

Too cute. There is something so great about a little kid in their jammies and crazy bedhead. Love it.

Heidi said...

I've always said that a barstool or chair being slid across the floor is the worst sound. It always leads to trouble!

Jane said...

Cute pictures! Love the Kramer do!
Your dd's are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

how fun!! TFS

Shannon said...

Your daughters always have such beautiful hair. Even in the silly hair pictures they look adorable. You are such a fun mom.

Rachelle said...

Your girls are so stinking cute. I love the hair!!!

michelle said...

Those are all pictures they are going to just love when they are older!

Amy said...

Love the hair!