We've Been Bunked.

I mentioned on Saturday we were busy.

Crazy busy.

Sometimes I don't think things through all of the way. Like 2 years ago when I decided our girls could share a bed...think "Little House on the Prairie." It worked well for about three nights. Then we discovered the Spunky One has the sleep habits equivalent to an egg beater, which doesn't sit well with the Head Princess. Like good parents, we told them to suck it up and deal.

With the pending arrival of Squishy, I decided that it would serve everyone best if the baby and the Spunky one were to share a room and the Princess were to have her own. DH was much obliging and helped me to rearrange beds yet again.

Problem. While the Princess is in school all day, I have two nappers. On two different schedules. One of which thinks it is fun to wake up her snoozing sister when she wakes up. "OH SQUISHY, ARE YOU AWAKE?!?!?!" Um, yeah. Now she is.

So I made another command decision. Squishy needs her own room. Once again, the two older ones can deal. Suck it up kiddos. Mommy can't make up her mind.

So on Saturday we picked up the bunk beds. Word to the wise, next time spend the extra $400 that it would cost to have freaking RC Willey assemble it.

We are giving the princesses old full-sized bed to my kid brother. His feet dangle off his twin sized bed. We all know there is nothing worse than having dangling feet. We thought it would fit in our van and we asked him to come over and help load it. Unfortunately depth perception is something DH and I both lack in. When he came over, it didn't fit. The kid was great enough to stay and help us.

Let me give you a run down on my kid brother. DH and I were married when he was 6 years old. He doesn't remember a time when DH wasn't in his life or when I lived in his house. In the past couple of years, both of our other sisters were married and moved out. The kid misses us. We miss him too. He is 17 and a senior in high school. He works as an apprentice to an electrician. He has a technical title, but I don't remember those things, so apprentice works well. He makes tons of money for a kid his age. The kid is amazingly talented. He is a phenomenal artist. And I am not exaggerating or biased when I say this. He is incredible. He has branched into photography and film-making. And he is good. Real good. (as my husband would say. I talk English better than that. ;) )

Here are DH and Kid Brother. "This is a piece of cake" they said. Sure.

Awwww. Look at the kid concentrate even with two helpers who insisted on dancing and singing with the packaging.

Check it out! We can put slot a into slot b!!! We are kings!

Yeah, I think you are cute.

You too.

Yes, I am following you around with my camera. I am in a blog war and my blog fodder is leaking out of my brain faster than I can put it on here. Wanna make something of it?!?!?!

She is such a good helper! Notice my children resemble orphans. That happens on some Saturdays.

What? What was that? You said this was easy. Hmmmm. Vietnam packaged two of the same foot boards and now you have to go to the showroom and make them take apart the floor model? Piece of cake.

What was that? There aren't holes in the railings to hold the ladder in place so our little darlings won't fall on their precious heads and crack holes in their skulls resulting in massive medical bills?

Wow. How manly. I love it when you come with alternate ways to make holes. It makes me all gushy inside.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Hmmmm. I must have been bored. That is the driveway DH and I spent all morning shoveling. And by morning, I mean an hour of hauling away wet, wet snow.

I told you goons to smile and look at the camera. I told you if you made cheesy faces it was going to be published on the world wide web. You didn't believe me.

Okay, kid brother is a freaking genius. He explained my camera to me. He explained F-stops to me in a language I can understand. He showed me how to adjust my white balance so that pictures that look like this (the one above) will look like this (the one below) instead. Kid brother freaking rocks!!!! I've been meaning to discuss trig with you Kid Brother.

Check out those screwing skillz. Oh, that doesn't sound very nice. Let me try again. Honey, you screw so well. Crap. Oh well.

LOOK!!! We have beds! We have massive drawers underneath so that they can shove junk in the drawers instead of junk under the bed! It was my clever way of keeping under those beds clean. Hey, it made sense in my head!!! ITY is currently cutting me some vinyl of their names so that we know who's crap belongs to who.

This is the Spunky one demonstrating how this is actually Sleeping Beauty's bed. "She lays on the bed and she closes her eyes, like this." We are into literacy folks.

Here is the bed after it has been properly Princessified (that isn't a word). Notice the posters atop the bed.

And this little slug slept through the whole thing....almost.

My favorite part. I wanted to find a roadrunner.
The End.
Day 8


The Rookie said...

I freaking love your kid brother! I work with teenagers and let me just say that as far as kids go...he is awesome! I remember the days when he went around the neighborhood selling his rocks...or at least trying to. :)

Cute bunks, cute kids (hey, some
Saturdays I look like an orphan too), cute, cute Squishy!

Alice said...

So fun. I bet the girls love their new beds...very cute.

I am with the Rookie. Kid brother is a gem. He cracks me up and you seriously can't help but like the kid. Yay for kid brother. (does he read this thing?)

And as far as your "orphaned children on Saturdays". I loved those days when I was a kid, my mom could give a crap less what I chose to wear ;) I think squishy had the right idea, she is so cute!

michelle said...

Yeah for bunk beds! My five year old has been waiting since the day his brother was born to get some. Although I don't think he acutally wants to share his room, just have him visit I think!

michelle said...

Oh, and I forgot, my kids have looked like orphans all Christmas vacation!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Man that was entertaining. I felt like I was there through the whole thing! Love the girly room. BTW I think in orphan = homeschooled in the style department.

Anonymous said...

Look at little K...he has gotten so big! I can't believe it. It has been forever since I have seen him. I am glad they managed to get the beds together. It must be the curse of the bunk beds. When we ordered ours, they came broken...so we called and had them send new parts...they also arrived broken. Finally DH just fixed them himself. Your girls names will hopefully arrive today. I hope the girls are sleeping well in their new beds!

Chel said...

If Scarlet had been a boy, I was going to have the baby sure with Jaxon... but I agree with you on the whole sleeping schedules and things like that... but I couldn't have Ryker (9) share with Jaxon (3)... not fair.. so they all ended up in separate rooms... but oh my, check out those bunks!!!! Totally fit for two beautiful princesses!

txmommy said...

I love the bunk beds, how pretty!!

FUn pictures of the men putting them together and little one makes me melt, she's darling!!

kris said...

How fun! I'd love to come and see the new arrangements. BTW...thanks for today. You are a life saver! When is a good time for Spunky to come and play?