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Spunky Funny

Spunky: "Daddy, see my boobies. They are getting bigger. Almost as big as Mommys."

Daddy: "Maybe someday if you are lucky."

She also asks perfect strangers as well as family and friends if they have boobie milk.

And after that picture she drew in primary, I am sensing a pattern.

Maybe this will be called the boobie phase.


Also, would you expect any less from me? Her first ponytail. It is starting to fall out. I am going to enjoy the longness while I can.


To her credit, her swingset is buried in snow.

The End.

Day 17


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I am cracking up!

LovingTheChaos said...

Ok...just one question. How did you get a blonde hair blue eyed kid? :)

She is adorable...they all are adorable! How fun.

Blackeyedsue said...

Chaos: We aren't sure. Although if you go to discoveringmoretolife.blogspot.com, she looks surprisingly like DH's baby sister. My dad has blue eyes and he and my brother were born with blonde hair. Both of my sisters were really light but not quite blonde.

I promise, she belongs to dh.

Anonymous said...

A ponytail! I can't believe it...how adorable.

kris said...

Spunky cracks me up. I laughed out loud when she asked me that question! Love the pony tail! It's actually kind of a relief that I don't have to worry about bows and headbands on the Munchkin. But they are so cute!

Bilary said...

I love the boobie phase! I am bound and determined to make her believe that there really is such a thing as chocolate boobie milk. Maybe we can convince her there is strawberry boobie milk too!!! Hehehe!

Gabriela said...

LOL. Too funny!

Ok, reading back on your blog I am also and oldest child/oldest daughter-reading that stuff (and your responses) was scary!!!


(I bookmarked the site)

Chel said...

Spunky is hilarious... and beautiful! I would have totally laughed... HARD... if she asked me that question. And DH's response... priceless.

Cute pony! Scarlet has what I like to call inch long fuzz all over and it's light so unless you see her, you don't see it in pictures. She does however have about 5 strands of 5 inch long hair... does that count??

The Rookie said...

That girl entertains me to no end...via YOUR blog...so I guess you also entertain me to no end! :)

The Rookie said...

Oh, and you've been tagged for a meme at my place. Do visit and see just what! :)

Miss Millie said...

SOO precious (and so hilarious!) Your daughters are just a lovely and perfection reflection of you!

The Mathews Four said...

I LOVE your Spunky stories! That girl is funny!! Squishy looks just like Spunky in that pony tail picture. What gorgeous girls you have!