Potty Talk

Just when I think I am out of blog fodder, Spunky comes to my rescue.

Yesterday I was in the bathroom and I was...well, I was um...okay I will say it. I was pooping! We all do it...it is the great equalizer. Come on. Everyone eats so everyone poops. We even have the book. To shed some more light on this situation (since you are already into it this far...you may as well go a little farther) one of the residual effects of HG is the bowel issues. So it was taking me some...uh...time.

The Spunky one came into the bathroom...don't "ewww" me. Anyone who is a mom who says they have had a private bathroom moment since they have had children is lying. Back to the story. She came in and saw that I was having some...uh...issues and she said to me in total seriousness:

"Mommy, don't push. Just let it come. If you push, you will get

Bingo kiddo. Bingo.

Okay, since I just shared a rather humiliating moment and you have all had a laugh at my expense.

And it seems like the content of my blog seems to be going to the toilet...literally...humor me. Please.


I get about 350 hits on my blog every day and I average 7 comments. So come on out! Tell me who you are and why or how you got here! Plus, I am a comment junkie.

And you don't want to make me cry do you?

DAY 18


RockinMom said...

Delurking! :) After that story, how could I not. ;)

I am a mom of 3 kids (11(boy), 9(girl) and 7(boy))- I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I have been lurking for a couple months now. :)

hayngrl101 said...

Aaaw. i just commented the other day on your birth order entry! Hayngrl here... i can't remember how i came across your blog (mmw?) but i saw "blackeyedsue" which was a nickname of mine as a kid (my name is not susan) and i also have an email address of "blackiedsusan" so i thought it was kinda interesting... i continue to lurk cuz i think we have a few things in common. i am a mom of 4: girl-6.5 yrs, boy-5 yrs, boy-18 mos, boy-3 wks... sorry for no punctuation or caps, i am pumping so i only have one free hand. btw, you're so freakin' awesome!!

The Domesticator said...

I don't poop.


Bilary said...

I am not a lurker because you already know I love to spy on you through your blog. But I love having something fun to read every day. And this just gives me one more reason to adore your sweet little Spunky!

kris said...

I'm not usually a comment person, but I'm getting better at it. I totally know what you mean about no private moments. We have magazines in our bathroom and DH always wonders why it takes me so long to get through one...it's because I never get to read them. Every time I start to read one when I'm, um, doing my duty (as my brother calls it), my toddler always interrupts. Plus there's no chance I'm leaving my 2-month-old out there alone with his sister...who knows what could happen. So needless to say, like so many of you out there, I always have an audience.

Spunky is a crack-up.

Kittymama said...

Guilty of lurking! (Ehr...Sorry!)

I live on the other side of the world and I am also a mom of two boys, both teenagers, one with severe autism. And because I don't have any princesses in my home, I enjoy reading about yours. It makes me wish I had someone to share all my Hello Kitty stuff with.

I don't have a poop story of my own, but I remember when my younger boy was around two (he was just newly-diagnosed then), he tried to catch my attention by pulling my hands while I was doing crafts. I directed him to his dad who was playing videogames and he went to good old dad, tapped his hands and pulled, to no avail. Dad redirected him to me. I saw him scratch his head in confusion, put his hands inside his diaper, and pull out a big wad of ... poop! I had to run after him as he struggled with the door. He then went to the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat cover, and gallantly threw the ball of poop with a flick of his hand. He smiled proudly as flushed it away. Smart boy. Hehe. Serves us right for ignoring him.

Will visit you again! (I've already linked you!) Blessings to you and your family!


Anonymous said...

I think about 100 of those hits a day are me! Just seeing if you have your latest post up. This was so funny. I just told that to my daughter the other day...well not exactly the ass-ter-oids, but you know. LOL.

ellen said...

Keep the good stories coming!

Natalie said...

Guilty of blog staulking. I live in "mosquitopointe" with Heidi. I found your blog from her blog. You make me laugh so I keep coming back!!

michelle said...

I don't remember how I found you, it was toward the end of your pregnancy. I think I comment occasionally, I do get a kick out of your posts! And I think it was Marie Osmond said you know you are a mom when you consider time spent in the bathroom a vacation. However I can't agree because someone almost always follows you in!

Melissa said...

Okay okay... so I've been lurking... I hate that word. Makes me feel creepy... like I'm doing something wrong! Let's see... I've been skulking... no, sneaking? No... creeping... ACK! I don't remember how I found your blog, but I have been visiting without commenting for a few weeks now. I usually do this when I find a new blog... stick around and read for awhile... then comment. But, since you've forced my hand...
Hi - I'm Melissa - stay at home mom to three crazy kids.
Feel better?? ;)

Gabriela said...

Just me-a regular around here. Right after I read this post I went to the bathroom (to pee of course), when in come my two boys (I never get to go by myself either), and Julio (7 years) "mom, girls mostly just pee right?"

Of course I told him he was absolutely right!

As-ter-oids. That's blog gold my friend.

Mel said...

I've been reading your posts forever and am loving that you are posting everyday now!

Spunky is so much like my middle child and I've had bathroom moments like that but I still can't blog about it;)

Your such a fun mom!

The Rookie said...

I LOVE THAT KID! Each story just gets better and better, I'm quite sure of it.

Sorry about the ass-ter-oids! :)

Oh, and no need to reveal myself...you already know me well. (BTW--I was thinking about posting a similar de-lurking post but you beat me to the punch...maybe I'll wait a few days).

SweetPea said...

I love your stories, and the way you tell them! I'm delurking too. :)

Alice said...

hahahahaha that kid is so funny! I love her. And she is right, just let it come out. ;)

No need to confess, you know who I am. I need to be better at comments, I like them too.

Valarie said...

I'll delurk. I think I used to comment regularly, but I just read you in my feed reader now. none of your usual 350 hits come from me. I stalk you silently. :)

ps, I'm loving this blog war and its daily posts.

was that too creepy?

LovingTheChaos said...

I am rolling! That is the funniest thing I have heard a kids say!

I think they should really be called that! Consider the first syllable! :)

You Rock...and Your Cute Kids do to!

Bloggy Mama said...

Delurking. I don't remember how I found you and I'm not a regular read, but I'm glad I stopped by today. We shared our latest pregnancy together, though mybe you didn't know ;)
I'm at mybloggylife.wordpress.com

No Cool Story said...

I usually comment. Right?

Bathroom and kids: Yes, I can still remember. Not even there you can get a moment's peace.

Goat Girl said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Where did she learn that?!