Runaway Train

I know we have all had days/weeks/months where we feel as if the world is a runaway train and we are running as fast as we can to catch up and we just can't. I know that my "to do" list is probably just the same as everyone elses. Do this, be here, finish this. I really have no right to complain about what needs to be done.

But I don't care. I'm gonna complain.

My Christmas tree is still up, the Christmas decorations are still on top of my cabinets and in a chair in my living room. Every time I start to put them away, little Squishy needs me. I get maybe an hour of solid nap time each day from her. I have to go to a meeting tonight, and one tomorrow night. DH is working long, long hours trying to hit a deadline at work and he will be gone studying for his GMAT as well. The Princess started play practice and we have to work around that. I need to unbury the room where things go to die. I need to pay the middle child's tuition. Little Squishy is getting her portraits done today, I need to pay bills, I need to go and get groceries, I need to scrub the toilets, I need to change sheets, I need to get the oil changed, I need to make 3 meals a day, I need to breast-feed all day, I need to change dirty diapers, I need to wash a mountain of laundry, I need to put said laundry away, I need to make a return at Target, I need to get the mail, I need to run about a thousand other errands, I need to find my kitchen table. I need...I need...I need.

I NEED a freaking break!

Today is a poor me day. A pity party for one if you will. Today I feel as if I were knocked off my feet and life is hurrying as fast as it can to pile things on my weary body. I am trying to dig out, but life keeps on shoveling things on there, one by one.

That train is gaining momentum. And I am tired of runing to catch it. So I think I will ignore it. It is pointless to try to catch something when it is so far ahead of you.

Instead, I think I will take a nap.

And cry.

And then go and get a Diet Coke from Sonic.

That ought to do it.

Day 10


Miss Millie said...

I'm on that train with you, I tell you what. Mmmmm a diet strawberry limeade from sonic. Let's go!

Alice said...

I think a nap and a diet coke are exactly what you should do today. The rest of that crap will wait until another day, and it's totally fine.

I can't wait to see squishy's pictures.

by the way, our tree is still up too. I just can't make the time to get the thing down. oh well right?

Alice said...

oh by the way, the GMAT is for an MBA progam right?

Good luck to your DH!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Man, life is sure impossible sometimes! I understand how you are feeling. And I'm just too lazy to blog about it... though it does make really great blog material.

Andrea said...

It sounds like you are now past the "honeymoon" infant period. You know-the first weeks you just let things go because you just relish in the newness of the baby. But after a while, reality hits and you realize that you are sooooo behind and that you need to get with the program again. My dear #5 baby turns one tomorrow (sniff), and I am finally feeling like I am getting my groove back-I'm finally almost back to a readjusted "normal". Don't worry-that groove will swing by and get you again. Oh! Sonic...forgot about that...can you send a vanilla coke to Germany asap? I need a good comfort food for the birthday tomorrow :)

Julie said...

Diet Coke is my cure all.

Meemer said...

ditto on the diet coke.

i'm so far behind, i think i'm ahead. honestly what 3 kids has done to me. i have done nothing for a year. at least it feels that way. don't worry, we'll get back into a routine eventually.

The Rookie said...

Enjoy your diet coke and your nap! I'm considering doing something similar.

Stupid to do lists. Stupid people who need us. Stupid Christmas trees that need putting away. Stupid responsibility. Stupid grading (oh wait). Good luck! My heart goes out to you.

JD said...

Oh if you find an extra break lying around I could go for one of those too!

Take one for me and that Diet Coke sounds wonderful.

The Mathews Four said...

You're brilliant! Diet Coke always seems to fix things for me, too.

We're finally all moved (without internet 2 weeks... yikes) and was sad to see you're taking an MOF break. I hope life settles down for you because I miss you! I'm so glad for you're still blogging!

Bilary said...

I hear you. Today, I just quit. I made cookies, drank Pepsi, ordered pizza for dinner, and am now going to get on jammies and slippers and am going to snuggle Bill and put kids to bed and forget about enrichment tonight. My headache is still here, and I QUIT! Let me know how I can help you. If it's any consolation, you looked cute today! Shopping tomorrow???

No Cool Story said...

"Poor me day" .Yep, we all have/need one of those sister and I'm so with you on that train.

I hope you enjoyed your drink and nap.

Goat Girl said...

((HUGS)) I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that Vanilla Ice song..."Stop this train I wanna get off." I feel that way somedays too. I hope today is a better day.

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

Yep, it's January all right. Coming off of the Holidays is just NO fun. Blah. Hope you feel better soon. :)