Only my daughter

On Thursday I asked her what she wanted for dinner. The princess replied "I have been craving brussels sprouts." We didn't have any on hand, and she was sad.

On Friday she and the Spunky one were spending the night at their grandparent's house. It was dinner time when we arrived. My mom (who resembles a short order cook when it comes to pleasing the palates of my children) asked the Princess what she wanted for dinner.

To which she replied "Grandma, do you have any asparagus?"

Unfortunately my mom had stocked up on the usual grandchild fare...which did not include asparagus.

Note that we had asparagus yesterday and we are having brussels sprouts with our pot roast, potatoes, carrots and french bread tonight. How could I refuse that?

She is definitely my spawn.

Day 21


Heidi said...

I have one that will eat all kinds of veggies. I'm so grateful for her.

Right now I'm perusing Jessica Seinfelds hide the puree book and thinking I might go stocking up on sweet potatoes and cauliflower for the other three (well really 4, I pretty much hate most veggies).

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ha- I LOVE Brussels sprouts! Hubby has made me promise to lay off my garlic braised recipe...


The Rookie said...

What a woman! Though I, personally, cringe/gag/spit at brussels sprouts. But I'm all for kids who love veggies!

Chel said...

What a sweetheart. I'd join her eating the asparagus anytime!

Bilary said...

I love it! Good thing she isn't mine though, since I don't do many vegetables but the usual ones. I wouldn't even know how how to cook those vegetables!

You are definitely a much better mom than I. Rylee would love to live at your house.