The Head Princess

Let me tell you a bit about this princess.

Every mom wishes for that dream kid. The kid who is obedient, trustworthy, kind, sweet, generous, loving and just your general all around good kid.

That is the princess.

That is what I got when I gave birth to this baby. We have been so lucky with her. One time I was asked by a friend who was expecting her first baby what we did to train her the way we did. I just laughed and told her that the Head Princess just came that way.

When I was sick this past year, she stepped up her game. She took charge and made breakfast and lunch for her and her sister. She helped clean, cook and care for the rest of the family. She does the same now, not on the same level of course, but she is the first one there if one of her sisters are in distress or need a hug. She has a genuine concern for those around her and she is so compassionate.

She became so grown up.

We are doing a little rearranging in our house this weekend. She is so excited! She loves change. Whether it is rearranging her bedroom, switching up our routine, or doing something different on the weekend, she is game.

My little girl is growing up. When we blessed the baby it was bittersweet. Sweet, because we were blessing a sweet baby, but bitter because we are done with the babies. Next we have her baptism! My first baby will be making sacred covenants. I am so proud of her for becoming the young lady that she has grown into, but I still wonder where it all went.

The reason for this post is this morning she picked out her outfit. A pair of hip-huggers and a cute sweater. She put them on and I almost cried. She looked SO grown up. We went into the bathroom to do her hair. She instructed me on exactly what to do. She has never done that before. Mom has always had free reign of her hair. Lately we have had to have a couple of very grown-up conversations that I wanted to wait until she was at least 12. Conversations that I worried would scar her world. You know what, they didn't. She took them in stride, asked some questions and was okay with things. The girl really has her head on straight.

I watch her change. She hasn't quite hit puberty yet (phew!) however I am noticing some changes. Her arms and legs are getting gangly. Her teeth are still filling in and taking shape. I remember looking at my pictures of me at this age and calling them my "top dog years". When I look at her I don't think that at all. I think she is beautiful! I think it is more than skin deep.

When she was in Kindergarten (Hi Mrs. C!) her teacher told me that she had an "old soul". Wise beyond her years. She really, really does. I don't know how many times I will be talking to her and it is like talking to a sister rather than a daughter. She has so much control of herself. I STILL don't have that much control of my emotions. The older she gets, the more control she gets. I hope and pray every day that it lasts into her teenage years.

I gave her a hug this morning and noticed how tall she is getting. She is no longer that baby that would call me "Nay-na-nay" instead of mom. She is no longer that little girl who had a different laugh every week learning what fit her. She reads well, she writes well, she is poised, she reads music, she plays the piano, she has more grace in her pinky than I have in my entire body. She is beautiful.

And I love her.

Day 6


brewcrew5 said...

They really do grow-up fast don't they. I feel the same way about getting ready to baptize #2 this year. Boy! where has the time gone.

I really enjoy getting to read your blog everyday. I wish I could be that diligent.


Miss Millie said...

Please tell me how my husband and I can have a girl. You have 3 so you must be doing something right :) heee heee!

Bilary said...

You already know how I feel about your kids, but just in case you didn't: I completely agree with what you wrote, and I think you could write just as many wonderful things about your other girls too! Love them all! She did look beautiful today. So grown up. Boo Hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I want to cry. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl.

Alice said...

That made me all teary. geez!
She is beautiful and is looking SO grown up!? I haven't seen her in such a long time. She sounds like she is turning into a fabulous young lady.

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing! I, too have a daughter like that. reading your entry gave me chills ;). She was a tremendous help during my pregnancy by taking care of her siblings and even came through during the fussy baby stage. So wise beyond her years! Doesn't everyone wish they could be this lucky!?! ;)

The Rookie said...

Oh man, you made me tear up! I am happy to hear what a great bond you have with her. She is beautiful and the love you clearly have for her is beautiful.

And, yes, yes...I know...I'm a sappy, sobby wuss!

Gabriela said...

She sounds like such a great girl-you are a blessed mom to have her.

(what's up with you and the teary posts lately! Geesh, I am hiding from Guapo right now so he doesn't see my tears. You write from your heart-I love it.)

Chel said...

That was so sweet. She is so beautiful and she is just an amazing little girl. You know what, she's really lucky to have you for a mom too!

Chel said...

oh yeah and because I am super lame.. I totally forgot to blog yesterday... ugh!

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Come on... give yourself a little credit. She WAS sent to your home for good reason. It sounds to me that you two will always be close friends.

I loved this post. Such love is s miracle. I am grateful you have such a miracle in your home (among many).

Tori :) said...

BEA.U.TI.FUL post!!

Amber said...

That was a beautiful post to your beautiful daughter. I can't believe how fast they get big!