1234 Play along in this bloggy war

JD has done it. She declared a war...a blog war.

"It is time for a duel. I would like to challenge anyone to a post-a-thon. Funny, Sad, Mad things are all allowed in this war."

JD...I accept your dual. A dual of daily posts. Whoever stops first is the loser.

Anyone else wanna play???


The Rookie said...

Them's fightin' words...I'm in. I need to get better about posting, anyway.

Alice said...

You're on bee-otch! (Tee hee...too many times watching "Mean Girls"?). I can post about ANYTHING-ANYTHING, right?

Blackeyedsue said...


Chel said...

I'll play.... but I bet I lose :) But I am totally happy if you blog every day! I love your posts!!