Baby Baking Update

Tomorrow I am 31 weeks. At one point I never thought I would live to see the day when the end was in sight. I have been truly blessed to get to this point. Our sweet little darling who has yet to be named...and who will probably be at least four months old before we decide on a moniker that sticks...is baking nicely. I had an appointment on Tuesday (I am down to my two-week appointments) and at 30 weeks this baby weighed in at 4 lbs. FOUR POUNDS!!! If I go full-term and have to push out a toddler I will....well, I guess I will push out a toddler.

Maybe. If she decides to flip. That sweet baby in me likes to hear my heartbeat, so much that she has stuck her tiny head up there for the duration. Breech was not a word I wanted to hear. After enduring this rotten, terrible, hellish pregnancy my one saving grace was that I have amazing deliveries (natural) and recoveries. I cried for an entire day. I am praying about a thousand times a day that she will flip. I am contorting my VERY pregnant...and very HEAVY...pregnant body into all sorts of unnatural positions in hope that I can dislodge that head from my placenta and lungs. A C-section with an unfamiliar doctor makes me cringe and want to cry. I love my midwife...LOVE him! So much that I convinced both of my sisters and some friends in my church to see him. He is amazing and calm and he is my friend. I am scared to lose that and to not have the amazing satisfaction of pushing this baby out into the world. To me that is the most amazing thing my body has ever done and will ever do. So if you can just send a little prayer my way that this baby will flip and find the birth canal much more comfortable than my placenta and lungs, it would be SO appreciated!

I would love to be able to share a 3D picture of this baby. She is quite the shy one. Whenever my midwife comes near her with his little picture thingy, she puts an arm up over her face. Awwww!

The pukies are back in small doses. I am only sick in the mornings. I think THIS is what true morning sickness should be like. Three times in the mornings and I am done. I had a four-week reprieve where I was rarely sick and I had AMAZING amounts of energy. I was able to get everything ready for this baby and completely organize and clean my home. It was a much needed blessing that I am grateful for every day. I am grateful that it has subsided. SO GRATEFUL!!!

Now I just need to convince myself that I can do this. In the car the other day I had what some might call a panic attack. I couldn't catch my breath. The thought of three little girls terrified me! How am I going to start over with the sleepless nights, dealing with two in two different schools and nursing and tending to a newborn. I know I will be okay, but that moment of weakness had me hyperventilating and ready to run for the border. I know I will be fine, but starting over after having my independence frightens me.

Thank goodness for the power of prayer.


Amber said...

The thought of three terrifies me. But then again, so did the thought of two and I have somehow survived. How exciting you are on the home stretch. Well, here's for hoping there's not too much stretching going on. :-)

The Lazy Organizer said...

I'm so relieved you've been feeling better! You had to wait way too long but at least it happened.

I have 10 1/2 pound babies so I know your fear of delivering a toddler! But for some reason I am able to push mine right out.

My last baby was two before I finally decided what to call her! I swear my next baby will have a name before it's born so I don't have to go through that again!

Don't forget how easy a newborn is once you get through the sleepless nights. You don't realize that until you get some older brats to compare with! Not that yours are brats. Or mine.

CHEL said...

You're almost there! Hang in there... sorry to hear you are getting the pukies again, but what a blessing to have felt better last month and to get things done the way you want them done!
I hope little precious flips. I remember with Jax, I was told the same thing and he didn't flip. But at that point, I just wanted him out so the c-section was fine with me! :)

Tori :) said...

Woo hoo! 31 weeks!! Don't worry- she'll flip. Livie didn't flip until 36 weeks! I was stressin' it!!
!!!!!!- just for good measure.

Ems said...

hurrah for 31 weeks! sometimes you have to see their sweet face before you know what to name them. you know?

two of my four were breech babies, so I know what you are feeling. (I also had 9 to 10 pounders) mine didn't turn until they were about 35 weeks with the last two just kept turning and turning.

oh, and three babies, PIECE of cake. really. I felt the same way you did and now, I think I would go for five, but my tubes are nicely tied.

Mel said...

I'm glad to hear the baby is doing well and you are feeling a little better. Having 3 is fun!

Meemer said...

i had that same panic attack. it is so true, it is overwhelming, but we make it work. you are almost there! i pray she turns for you, i understand the feeling on not wanting a regular old dr. in there messing around.

Amber said...

I'm so glad you've been feeling better. My last was breech until 36ish weeks (my memory is fuzzy) and I tried several things. What finally worked was doing somersaults in the pool. I'd sit in a warm hot tub (not scalding hot- just warm bath temps) for 5ish minutes- then I'd get in the big pool and do somersaults until I couldn't do them anymore- then I'd get back into the hot tub, lather rinse, repeat. She turned that night.

Good luck!

MoreToLife said...

I didn't know she hadn't flipped. It's ironic. I had my appointment last Tuesday too and I thought mine hadn't flipped yet, but in reality had. And you were just the opposite! Yuck! You're in my prayers. See you in a few!

Sketchy said...

Don't panic yet, she and you have still got plenty of time for the big flip.

I'm so glad you are feeling better, regular morning sickness much be such a relief!

sheri said...

If it helps you any...I found that after a tough, painful and exhausting pregnancy (although NOTHING as difficult as yours) that newbornhood was a breeze! I swear that having a difficult pg made the time after seem so much better. I hope the same will be for you! You certianly deserve it. You're almost there!

2boysmama said...

don't worry you still have 9 weeks or so left for the baby to flip... lots of time!

I'm 30 weeks too so we're due about the same time!