We are 90% sure this time. We only make princesses at this house. We are really excited, the girls are giddy.

The only problem...a name. Here is the deal. We like traditional, not used very often names with normal spellings. So here is your chance. Help me name my baby. Ready...Set...Go!!!!


No Cool Story said...

YAY!! congrats :D More Princesses. More!

I'm not even going to throw a name in the hat. I'm not good with that.

Ok, Alexa.

Anonymous said...

Girls, girls, girls....Yipee! We have decided on a name, but not on a spelling. Cute traditional names: Lucy, Natalie, Gabriella (you could call her Ella or Gabby)....I really can't think of anything else right now. I have had a hard time with coming up with #4. Good Luck!

Tori :) said...

YAY for girls!
I like Vivian, but Sei never liked it.

Mel said...


How about Rachel?

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So thrilled for you!

We liked Cleo, Edy, Morgan and Elise.

I have a girlfriend that named her baby Grace, they call her Gracie. I love it!

kanga5 said...

Congrats on your third of a kind. :) We have 3 of the other and are now expecting a GIRL! Just an interesting tidbit I read in the paper Sunday- there is a higher chance of having 3 of the same and one different out of 4 than to have 2 of each. Of course to have all the same has low odds but I thought that the 3 out of 4 thing was interesting. Mmmmm- Emma, Lily, Sara, Hazel, Hannah. Congrats!!

Julie said...

Yeah! A girl-I am so happy for you. You seriously want names. I've got a few-
Jane, Kate, Ruby, Annie, Audrey, Lucy, Ruth and of course I love my girls names.
Picking a name is SO FUN! I am seriously jealous.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That is wonderful! Ok, for names, this is what I like lately: Violet, May, Pearl (hope these aren't sounding TOO old but I love them!) Gretchen, Megan... we just had boys so I never got to really think up girl names before!


Pattie said...

Three little girls...how sweet.
Gosh, there are so many beautiful girls names out there. Hmmm...some of my favorites that aren't over the top:
Caroline, Natalie, Rachael, Julie, Alana. There are so many!

Meemer said...

marinda is a good old english name!

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Girls are so much fun! What kind of names do you like? I know definitely not trendy, judging by the side of the blog. :P I REALLY love the name Grace, but it is quite popular. I think it's adorable. Also Elizabeth, Adeline, Calista, Lucy, Violet... Very cute! Names are fun!

Mrs. Cawley said...

HOORAY! I was convinced it was a boy this time. It's all good! My votes are: Hannah (good even if she is dyslexic), Abby (Abigail), Grace/Gracie. You will notice those are my three girl names from when I had Heath. Ha! Hope you are well, are you good to eat lunch yet? Gatorade anyone? Give the princesses a hug for me. :)

CHEL said...

Yay for girls! Although I have to be honest and say I'm glad I have 2 boys and only 1 girl. :) Congratulations!!
You did great with your other two names, you'll do great again!

txmommy said...

yeah! for girls!!!
how about Emmaline, Eleanor or Eliza.
My three top picks for Lucy, except we already had an E and don't repeat letters. (something I am still minorly bummed about.)

Char said...

YAY! Congratulations!

Alice said...

Yay! How exciting, another little girl. Congrats!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yay, baby names is my all time favorite thing!

Luisa<----Really love this one
Margaret-nickname Maggie
Abigail(despite current surge in popularity)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm back!

I like Marisol even though it's probably left to those with a Hispanic background.

lambie-pie said...

Clarissa, Bethany, Alice, Ella, Nora, Victoria, Melissa, Rachel, Caroline, Alora, and Elsa.
Just a few I like!