It's been one crazy ride

Please keep your arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times. Please fasten your seat belt and keep it fastened until the ride comes to a complete stop. Enjoy your ride.

I think that phrase or a phrase similar has been burned into my head.

You see, my family, feeling the need to run away from the terrible weather and the below freezing temperatures, ran away to sunny California for five days. Well, it wasn't exactly sunny and warm the first day, but hey, it wasn't freezing and we didn't have to shovel snow. What more could you ask for? Good times.

Let me share some of my pearls from "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Even though it would be much easier on other airline patrons, my kids are still small enough to be carried on instead of checked.

And I thought parking at the mall was bad during the holidays.

Two kids, one single stroller. What is it they say about necessity being the mother of invention?

When you tell your two and a half year old that they aren't allowed to cry at "the happiest place on earth", they listen.

Threatening that you can't see Pooh Bear carries more of a punch than telling them "I am going to e-mail Santa".

Okay, stay tuned for more pictures when blogger is being more cooperative.

Also I learned some interesting facts about California:

~I will never live in California. Everyone there is blonde, skinny and has big boobs. I only have one out of three and it isn't the skinny or blonde. Them ain't good odds.

~California Wal-Marts and Targets do not have a "super" on the front. We had to actually go to a supermarket to buy groceries. I liked it!

~Getting lost in Orange County isn't fun. Orange County is one scary place. We got many funny looks when we got lost in the Korean District. No one in the car speaks or reads Korean, so we were lost for quite some time. The freeway traffic is SCARY!!! I remember thinking about that scene from "Clueless" when she takes them on the freeway. Totally me!

~On the third day of strictly Disney, your six year old would rather be at the hotel watching re-runs of "Full House".

~Only in California will they advertise on the radio "Tummy Tucks for only $3995.00 and 30% off almost any other surgery".

And one final note.
We only had one celebrity sighting. Guess who it was?

Go on...Guess!!!!

David Arquette!!!

He snuck onto our Southwest flight after we had all boarded. He sat next to an old couple that I am sure didn't know who he was four rows in front of me. He was wearing a black and gray beanie and trying to look inconspicuous.

I totally knew it was him.

My husband didn't believe me.

When we were walking through the airport I said "Jeremy, I am SURE that is David Arquette." He heard me because he put his sunglasses on and started walking faster. I would have never had the nerve to ask him for his autograph, but it was funny that he was acting like I was some crazed teenager.

Yeah, wearing a dark hat and sunglasses in the middle of an airport when you are all by yourself doesn't make you AT ALL noticible.

When we went to pick up our baggage, he had meet with his entourage...hanging back away from the rest of the crowd. There was a sign that said "Celebrity Ski something or other" over where he was getting into a security van.

Dude, he is a lot shorter and skinnier than he is on screen. He is a lot sexier too. He was seriously grungy-sexy. I never thought he was that good looking until I saw him in real life.

So here is my question...Why is the guy on Southwest?

And that concludes our ride. Please stay seated until this post comes to a complete stop.


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun- cool celebrity sighting, too! Hmm- maybe he really needed a flight out and that was the next available? I love Disneyland! We went there earlier this year for the 1st time. Never been to Florida, so next time we do Disney I think we'll do CA again!

Valarie said...

Fun trip! I'm wishing for somewhere warm. We may have to run away for a few days in January.

really, why southwest? Isn't his wife rich or something?

Anonymous said...

Super fun!

You missed the best part of SoCal, though....Sheri.


No Cool Story said...

”… aren't allowed to cry at "the happiest place on earth", they listen.”. I totally used this! It works so well.

We did Disneyland for Christmas one year, it was beautiful and fun (the decorations and music are great) but by the 3rd day we were all Disneyed-out.

David Arquette? YUM! he’s skinnier? oh man, he looks thin enough on TV.
I also think he has that sexy-grungy look. Me likes.

Nettie said...

I can't believe that stroller "parking lot!" How does one find one's stroller again?

Sounds like a fun trip. We have yet to do the Disney thing. DH wanted to do it in Feb when he has a conference in Orlando. I told him Disney at 8 months preggo is NOT the time I want to go!

Glad you made it safely out of Orange County and back home!

Dawn said...

I totally agree about California - we got really frustrated to not be able to find anyone who spoke English! Disneyland is way too crowded these days.

Olivia said...

That picture of the strollers is great!! Glad you had fun on your trip.

Gina said...

Your girls are SO darling... Such pretty things!

That is cool that a celebrity actually looked better in person!

itybtyfrog said...

What a fun ride! I am glad you survived the trip. It looks like you had a lot of fun and so did T and A.

Anonymous said...

very fun! I am guessing southwest for the peanuts-

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome!
Your celebrity sighting was much more exciting than my California Celebrity Sighting. I saw "Wee Man"-yes, the midget from JackA$$.

Dawnyel said...

I would have totally be all over that celebrity sighting..."HEY! LOOK EVERYONE!! IT'S DAVID ARQUETTE!!!" Then run screaming after the man...just to see what happened! :)
Such a fun trip! Glad you didn't go insane! Whoever named Disneyland as the "happiest place on Earth," never visited there as a mother of young kids! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph! How are you doing? Looks like you had a fun trip. My husband grew up in "THE OC" and he would love to move back but I REFUSE. Way too many people.

(I say that as I sit here in Mexico City...)

Kara Elmore said...

Love the pics of the girls! Glad to know what bribes work... maybe I should try using pooh bear! And I must say T is looking a big like my #2... don'tcha think??? ;0)