Happy Number 100!!!!

One of my favorite things about blogging is reading what people come up with for their 100th post. I am doing the "100 things about my life" to commemorate mine.

1. I am two years and two days older than my next sister.

2. My middle name is Lynn, after my mom's best friend at the time that she hasn't spoken to in years.

3. I went on my first motorcycle ride when I was six months old.

4. My parents bought me my first three-wheeler (ATV) when I was five.

5. The only time I truly feel free is when I am on one.

6. I can remember the names of all of the dogs that everyone in my immediate family has owned: Wilson, Toby, Sadie, Tramp, Shammie, Molly, Poppy, Hailey, Lucy, Dusty, Tally, Daphne, Tanuki, Rocky and Bailey.

7. When I was four-years old, I was in a car accident that left my right arm hanging by a piece of skin and inch wide. I now have a metal plate and five screws in that arm.

8. Because of that accident, I set off the metal detectors at the airport.

9. Because of that accident, I gained a testimony of the priesthood. I would not be able to see, walk, speak or use my right arm if it weren't for the priesthood and the blessings it afforded me.

10. When I was four years old, my grandpa bought me a big bag of candy corns and I wouldn't share any of them with him.

11. When I was six years old, my mom had another sister. She was a premie and her lungs were severely underdeveloped. She spend six weeks in an incubator. My mom stayed with her almost the whole time. During this time, my dad attempted to do my hair for school. My first grade teacher was a wonderful woman as well as a friend of the family. She redid my hair for me every day.

12. When I was little, I wanted to own an ice cream shop and be an astronaut when I grew up.

13. I fulfilled that dream by working at a custard stand and going to space camp.

14. I attended Space Camp with a group of other fifth graders. I cried the entire first night I was there because it was the first time I had been away from my parents.

15. My grandma died when I was ten-years old. It was the only time I had ever seen my dad cry. I will never forget it.

16. My favorite memory of my dad is when I was about the same age and I was having a lonely day. He came and played Barbies with me for hours.

17. My dad made me the most amazing Barbie house. I will never, ever be able to get rid of it because it means so much to me.

18. When I moved into my own room, my mom let me pick out all of the decorations, including the green carpet.

19. I went camping almost every weekend when I was growing up.

20. As an adult, I hate camping.

21. I think this breaks my parent’s hearts.

22. My kids love to go camping.

23. I love my kids and my parents more than I hate camping, so I go camping.

24. Some of my fondest memories of a child are when my sisters and I were in the back of my dad's truck with the shell on and we were traveling to some semi-far off

25. My parents still live in the house they bought when they were first married.

26. I had a very happy childhood.

27. My little brother was born when I was almost fourteen. I moved out and got married when he was six years old. He has hardly any memories of me that don't include my husband.

28. I find that very strange.

29. I have only lived in two cities my entire life.

30. I like it that way.

31. I make friends very easily; however, I suck at keeping those relationships up.

32. On one side of the family, I am the oldest grandchild of 34 grandchildren.

33. My daughter M is the oldest daughter, of the oldest daughter, of the oldest daughter, of the oldest daughter.

34. I have a five generation picture with my great-grandpa when M was born.

35. I kissed 13 boys before meeting J.

36. I had a huge crush on my Sunday school teacher. He is ten years older than me. He wanted to ask me out and realized that I was only sixteen. He asked me out again when I was eighteen. We had three dates; the first two were a year apart. Our first kiss was a mess. We never went out again.

37. I waited for a missionary. He turned out to be a cheater, and if I would have married him, my kids would have had ugly noses.

38. Itybty frog is the friend I have had the longest.

39. The first time I truly felt the spirit was when I was in eighth grade.

40. My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. I love it in a cone and my favorite bite is the very last when the ice cream has soaked into the cone. Mmmmmm.

41. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love decorating my house. I love the sights, smells and flavors. I love the reason we celebrate it the most.

42. I love undecorating my house after and the bare feeling it has.

43. I worked at a decorating place for a day. It was terrible. I never went back.
I had to quit six times because they didn’t get it the first time. Idiots.

44. I have never decided what I want to be when I grow up. Everything sounds so confining and suffocating. Just when I think I have it narrowed down, I panic.

45. That is the reason I have not finished my degree. I don't want to waste the money if I am just going to bounce around.

46. I only started wearing perfume after I got married.

47. I have never smoked a cigarette.

48. I have never drunk alcohol.

49. I have never done any drugs.

50. I was a virgin on my wedding night.

51. I have wa-a-ay too many purses.

52. I would drink coffee if they tweaked the Word of Wisdom just a little.

53. I had all sorts of pets when I was little, including a hamster, a guinea pig, finches, a parakeet, beta fighting fish, several rabbits, a couple of cats and numerous dogs.

54. My favorite color is red.

55. I hate beets.

56. I will eat anything else though.

57. I am allergic to Sulfa drugs.

58. I am lactose intolerant. My parents gave me goat’s milk as an infant.

59. I can forge my mom’s name. She had me do it for all of my little sister’s notes
to their teachers when we were younger.

60. My mom was a hippie. She still wears tie-dye and her favorite scent is Patchouli. Once at the library, I found a book entitled “My Grandma is a Hippie”. I was twenty years old when I found out what Patchouli was for.

61. My first car was a 1984 Chevette.

62. I backed into a car the first day I had my license.

63. He didn’t care because we couldn’t even tell which dent was mine.

64. I hate to bake.

65. I bribe my best friend Hilary to make my husband cookies.

66. I love to cook though.

67. I can’t whistle because of the scar tissue on my tongue from that car accident.

68. I talk extremely fast. People often have to ask me what I said two or three times.

69. I speed read. I read “The DaVinci Code” in less than a day.

70. I was afraid of the “Incredible Hulk” when I was a little girl.

71. I have a severe phobia of guns.

72. I am a descendent of Sitting Bull.

73. I met my biological grandfather two years ago.

74. He had a hook for a hand.

75. I found out that I am a quarter Sioux and I have some Mexican in me.

76. I can do an Elvis impression.

77. I knew my husband was the one I was going to marry the minute I met him. I had
been praying for him and my prayer was answered.

78. I met an entire team of “Survivors” from the show “Survivor”.

79. I took gymnastics for six years. I used to be able to do a running back handspring.

80. I ran the 800 in high school, and I *attempted* to throw the javelin.

81. I had my first kiss when I was fourteen and my parents were out of town for the weekend.

82. The next time I kissed him was when we had graduated from high school.

83. I made out with a boy on a headstone once.

84. I love to watch “South Park” “The Simpson’s” and “Sponge Bob”…shows my mother would never have approved of.

85. Besides the rotten shows, I am becoming more and more like my mom every day, and
I am proud of that.

86. Bra size…34DDDD.

87. I had a growth in my back called a lypoma, we found it right before my husband graduated from college. He laughed and said “I have a diploma, you have a lypoma.” When it was removed, it had grown into the space between my ribs and was about four inches in diameter. It resembled a daisy.

88. I love to craft. I love to learn new things…and it is something I am really good at.

89. I seem to be an easy target.

90. I used to care, I don’t anymore.

91. I was an excellent student and usually the teachers pet.

92. I have a terrible sense of direction. I am so scared of moving to a place I don’t know.

93. Once I was stuck in downtown Beijing and I had an old Chinese woman spit on me because I was an American. The taxi drivers wouldn’t give me a ride back to my hotel until I told them I was from Canada.

94. I remember almost everyone I meet. I have the ability to remember you and almost everything you tell me about yourself.

95. My first words were “OH S*!T” during the sacrament when someone bumped the tray. My mom was mortified, but she only had herself to blame.

96. I had a dream about T when I was pregnant with M. I wasn’t too surprised when she came out with red hair and blue eyes. I am glad however, that I didn’t put her under the open window in December to freeze her like I did in my dream.

97. I am a Democrat. It used to bother my DH and I would vote straight party…he is slowly coming to my side of the pond.

98. My right leg is ½ inch longer than my left.

99. I didn’t have sugar until I was five years old. I am now addicted to it.

100. I want to keep going!!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw the Christmas ticker and totally thought you were pregnant.


Valarie said...

great list! we need to get together again.

ps, if you're a quarter sioux, it might not have to be your own money you waste on college. just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Val....let's get together again. I think the waiters at Applebee's need some entertainment.

Anonymous said...

My favorite color is RED too!!

Suzanne said...

Fun list! There are several on your list that are the same as me, even #55, #56 & #87, which is kind of strange.

I know so much more about you now! :)

utmommy said...

My daughter is allergic to sulfa drugs too.

You had a fun list!

Anonymous said...

Great list, I enjoyed reading it.

CHEL said...

That was really fun to read! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ooh.. I love lists like these, the little strange details are the best to know about another person :)

Anonymous said...

I lovreading 100's-- yours was no exception. :)

Lei said...

I hope you do keep going! Happy 100th!

oh, and ditto #27!

Anonymous said...

What is Patchouli for?
I'm glad you also made out with boys and kissed more than a couple. I've kissed 15- including my husband.
You're a democrat and I'm from Texas... so we shouldn't speak to each other about politics. ;)
Great list!

Mel said...

What a fun list! I loved reading it and getting to know more about you.

Jane said...

I want in on the GNO, I'll be in town for Christmas.

I loved finding out more about you too Steph! Great 100 list. I wonder if I will ever get to 100, at the rate I blog it might be awhile.

No Cool Story said...

Loved 12,13 & 14.
37. No ugly noses- good :)
69. speed read: I want to know more.
75. cool!, let's be Mexican togtehr.
84. Ditto on 84, but the Simposons.

This is got to be one of the best 100 I have read. You did good!

Gina said...

Certainly one of the best 100 things indeed! Great work... I could have kept going on mine too! Don't forget to link this in your sidebar!

I want in on the GNO too!

abc momma said...

The legend in my family is that we have some Cherokee ancestors. I hope Siouxs and Cherokees were friendly towards eachother.

I love your list. Happy 100!

itybtyfrog said...

Fun reading! I should have kept track of which ones I knew already, and which ones I didn't. It was fun to learn more about you. I totally want to see your house decorated for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I was terrified of The Incredible Hulk (still am actually), also have a phobia of guns, & not really relevant, but I was born on Elvis' b-day.

Dawnyel said...

So why didn't you keep going!? I was loving it! I especially loved #90, but if you asked me now what it was, I couldn't tell you! LOL!
I so wish we could meet IRL! You crack me up online, I can only imagine what you're like LIVE! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun...you are so interesting!!! I never would have thought about the motorcyle or ATV!

Nettie said...

I think I could have been your irl friend for 20 years and still not have learned all that about you! Very interesting read!

Nettie said...

I think I could have been your irl friend for 20 years and still not have learned all that about you! Very interesting read!

Dawn said...

I'm trying to start on my 100 while I'm at 69, because I know It'll take me awhile. That was fun to read.

Jenny said...

Happy 100th!

PS. I talk super-fast too. We should be phone buddies. We could get an hour long converation done in 10 minutes.

Pattie said...

This is one of the best 100 things list I have seen. You really reveal some interesting things about yourself and your life. I loved the snipets about your childhood.I wish I could remember the number of boys I kissed before I married my husband. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

My sister had her arm cut off when she was 4 too. A statue fell on her. 1979 was a bad year. Great list :)