My Life Monday...That Man of Mine

Today's topic is one that is near and dear to my heart, my husband. For privacy's sake, we will call him Jay.

Since Jay is 30 right now, I will give you a list of 30 things I love about him. Humor me, I did have an ENORMOUS paragraph...this is much more pretty.

1. Jay loves me even with my faults. He shows me all of the time how
much he loves me
2. I will go upstairs in the morning after making the girls breakfast
and the bed will be made
3. He always empties the dishwasher and my garbage can is never overflowing
4. He never looses his patience when I call him for the bazillionth
time to ask him "just one more question" about Photoshop
5. He practices the piano with M every day
6. When he runs errands he always takes one of the kids with him
7. He makes up silly songs with our kids
8. He has an amazing eye for graphic design
9. He is incredibly humble. I can tell him when he is doing
something that is bothering me, and he does
everything in his power to change
10. He is a wonderful provider
11. He has a green thumb
12. He compliments my cooking
13. He eats it even if it is terrible
14. He smells nice
15. He whistles a lot
16. He takes care of the dog so I don’t have to
17. He comes to the aid of the underdog
18. The man can cook!
19. He would do anything for a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies
20. He respects my need for time to myself and always makes
sure I am getting enough of it
21. He makes my friends feel welcome
22. He speaks Japanese and loves the Japanese culture
23. The man is brilliant. He is seriously one of the smartest
people I have ever met
24. He can type almost as fast as I can talk
25. He lights up like a kid on Christmas morning when he sees a new video game
26. He spoils me rotten. I am one of the most spoiled women EVER!
27. He will do almost anything I ask of him
28. He has beautiful dimples
29. His hair is starting to salt and pepper
30. He loves his Heavenly Father and tries to show it every day

Jay is the love of my life. He is good and kind and sweet and not to bad to look at! He is a techno geek by trade and he is currently working as the head programmer (or Chief Technology Officer--CTO, how cool is that!)for a human resources firm. In 2002 when the market went south, he was laid of from his cushy church job. We were fortunate; Jay had the opportunity to work out of our home for this company. He loves his job and the people he works with, especially his boss. He never complains about him and he looks up to him. Jay is just that way. He rarely has a bad thing to say about anyone. He has broader vision than I do. He can see things with more of a global perspective, whereas my vision is short-sighted.

I am grateful for him as a father. He is always willing to leave his office, or "cave", as I lovingly call it, to take time to come up and play with his daughters during his breaks and his lunch. He will leave work to take us all out to eat during the middle of the day. I feel so fortunate, my daughters have what so few children have, a dad that is truly involved in their lives. Once I was playing Barbies with M, and I was the dad. I put him in the car and started to make him drive away and I said "Okay, Daddy is going to work now." She looked all around the doll house and said "But Mommy, there isn't a basement." If he ever has to go back to an office, I think it would be a HUGE blow to our entire family.

I feel so blessed to be married to such a great person. He was made just for me. Don’t get me wrong, we have our issues, but all-in-all, we work well together and I love him more every day.

***I was going to post pictures, however I think Blogger is out to get me. Hmmmm. Check out Rachelle's blog for more My Life participants


Michelle said...

Awww.. you sound very lucky :)

smartmama said...

he sounds like a great guy! aren't we lucky to have good ones

Lei said...

What a sweet little write up... you sound like a terrific match!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

It's so nice to see a woman appreciate all the good things about her husband, with all the man-bashing we are forced to hear all the time! Good for you!

My hubby's hair is starting to get a few grays, too... it couldn't be cuter :)

Gabriela said...

Sounds like a keeper for sure!

Dawnyel said...

What a great man! You are SO lucky to have him! Hold on tight and don't let go! :)

utmommy said...

Sounds like you have a good man on your hands!!

Valarie said...

How great to have him home everyday! I treasure the 1-2 days each week mine works from home.

Rachelle said...

What an awesome list! Your man sounds great!

Kara Elmore said...

I agree with #21 - he DOES makes friends feel welcome! ;0)