True Confessions

One of my friends had this on her blog (thanks Ronda) and since I am trying to get back into this whole blogging thing, what better way then that?

~ When I was in high school all of my friends were 5'2" tall. I hovered over them at 5'8". I stuck out like a sore thumb...or a tall thumb. I grew into my height. I now wish I was two inches taller and I wear heels...HIGH heels to make up for that.

~ I used to be able to out eat any man. Something happened that flipped that switch. I haven't had an appetite in four months. I'm not complaining. Food used to be an addiction to me. Glad that's over with.

~ I am a closet lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I don't like to eat meat, and if I could go completely meatless without my family all dying from lack of steak or chicken, I would. :P

~ I like to craft. However, I burn through crafty things and never go back to them. Just ask my defunct hair blog, bins of paint, stitchery and scrapbooking supplies. I am a fair weather friend when it comes to craftiness.

~ Ironically, I could use up all of my spending money on fabric and pretty paper that will just sit there.

~ I am 32. I refuse to dress like I am dead.

~ I have a REALLY hard time hanging out with women who husband bash or are mean to their husbands in front of others. Why? Because I would be crushed if I heard my husband speaking about me like that to someone else. That's why!!!

~ I have become super selective about the blogs I read. If yours tells me all about how perfect your life is and how perfect your children are and how perfect your world is, I probably will delete you from my Bloglines. If you tell me that you had a bad day or did some big goof once in a while or your daughter tells you that you have a big bottom, you can stay. You are real. I mean, come on! You can't be perfect ALL of the time.

~ Because of Bloglines, I rarely comment on blogs. But I read them...

~ I ran into a mutual friend of an old boyfriend. Old boyfriend has a daughter with the same name as one of my daughters. It weirds me out.

~ Sometimes I think I have no business being a wife or mother. I love my husband and my girls more than anything, but sometimes my old college self creeps up and wants to go have a crazy adventure. I have to tell her to go away.

~ On the flip side, I would have been a good 1950's wife. I love baking and cleaning and being home for my husband and children. I love making good food for them and serving them. I am a big proponent of letting my husband wear the pants in our family. My husband came home the other day and I was barefoot in the kitchen making his favorite cookies. I kissed him and he told me the only thing missing was my being pregnant.

~ That is not an announcement. I never want to be pregnant again or have any more children. People ask me if I want to adopt. Nope. I am done. Three is good. I had my nephew here over the weekend and I realized that I just don't like spoon feeding my children.

~ I use the dictionary far more than I want to admit. I still can't spell nessicar...necissary...nesisa...whatever.

~ I wear an apron when I cook. It makes me feel girly and lovely.

~ When I meet a new person, I over share. Like get-nervous-and-word-vomit-until-I-die over share. Then I get all self-conscious and try to avoid that person until I can talk myself down about being a total nut-case. I have issues.

~ I reserve the right to change my parenting philosophies at any time. And I frequently do.

~ I also reserve the right to change something about myself, improve things, change how I act or part of who I am. I also don't care at all if you are bothered by that. Change is good.


Ronda said...

LOVE IT! I totally understand about the whole ex having a kid named the same as one of yours. I recently found out that "You know who" has a son with the same name as my oldest. I felt strange upon learning that. I also agree about people keeping their blogs real. Ditto on the height/heels issue and dressing up....we aren't dead yet! Very good Steph, although I am not sure how I feel about being called "long lost college friend". I was never lost, we were both just preoccupied. BTW....it's necessary. Just trying to help a long lost friend out. :P

Blackeyedsue said...

Hey darlin'! Totally fixed the the "long lost friend". Maybe I should put "one of my absolute FAVORITE people in the entire world and we just were so busy that we didn't have a chance to sit down and visit until Facebook came along" :)

Un-uh. I didn't know that "you know who" had a son with the same name. It kind of unnerves you.

I need to just sit down and commit necessary to memory. Jer and I were just talking about how we each have a word that we just can't spell. We laughed and laughed over it.

Lee said...

I love your blog! It is fabulous. And this list is awesome.

I am glad you figured out I am a big hairy man. :)

Shannon said...

I totally miss you, Steph. The 1st time I met you, I absolutely loved the fact that you got (and I quote) "nervous-and-word-vomit-until-I-die over shared" That is one of the things I love about you. I always felt so welcome and "normal" when you were around.

Blackeyedsue said...

Lol! You know I only call my favorite people "Hairy Men", right Lee?

Shannon, "normal" because I was the crazy one? Cause, you know, I totally am. ;)

michelle said...

Look at you posting three times in one week! I think you are back! I hope I am still on your list, Josh told me just the other day I had a big bum. I am hoping he meant relative to his. I realized a couple of years after I had done it that I named my own kid the same name as an old boyfriend! Guess I really do love that name. Oh, and how do I develop a lack of appetite, guess that goes with Josh's big bum comment. Thanks for the chuckle!

Blackeyedsue said...

You are SO on my list Michelle! In fact, I don't know what Bloglines is doing, but when I open it up, your's is the first blog it goes to.

I keep telling myself that my behind is right at her eye level. Of course it's big to her...I will just keep on telling myself that.

Blackeyedsue said...

And I was going to say, one of my all time favorite posts of yours was when you shipped off your kids to the parents for sledding so you could get things done. That is something I would have done.

KAT said...

Good job keeping it real.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

So, through a random string of events, I came across the family blog of my old boyfriend and discovered he has a kid with the same name as mine, too! Weirds me right the heck out. At least I spelled it normal and not Kre8iv.

Katherine said...

This was a fun post.I think your get-nervous-and-word-vomit-until-I-die over share.is NOT a flaw it just makes you easy to talk to and heaven knows I have talked your ear off a few times.

Ange said...

You are awesome.
I think I word-vomit too.
However, I agree with above comment - I thought you were very comfortable to talk to.....
and I would have never guessed you had issues :) Truly.
(don't we ALL????)

.....and please share the magic trick to no appetite. If it's braces, then maybe I really should go see the orthodontist. I could seriously probably out eat TWO men and a small child. It's a problem.

Thanks for being real.

One more thing....what's bloglines? (for us who are somewhat blog challenged....)

Blackeyedsue said...

It's the braces. When they tell you that you will lose a bracket if you eat Doritos and then you do, you realize that these things are EXPENSIVE and that you are paying for them out of your own pocket. It's easy to lay off the bad food. But then it became all food. It takes too much effort to clean it out of the braces. Gross!!!

Bloglines is the EASIEST way to read blogs. You set up an account and then enter in the addresses of all of the blogs you visit. Then you just add it to your favorites menu. Whenever you pull it up it shows you what blogs have been recently updated. It saves SO much time when cruising blogs. I think it's just bloglines.com.

Butterfly Mama said...

Yes, none of us are perfect and I too rarely comment because of bloglines... blessing and timesaving curse I guess.

I did give you an award on my blog if you want to stop by..


Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Team 'Iloa said...

oh my word~ you are my sole sister! Loved your hair blog while I was pregnant with my little girl but alas... I am like you and I am a fair weather crafter:)
Thanks for being so honest!

Gina said...

That is so interesting about the 5'2" versus 5'8". I had the same complex when I was in high school only I was 5'10" and all the other girls were between 5' and 5'4"... I so wanted to be shorter so I could try out for cheerleading.

Ditto on the bloglines. I am a bad commenter now a days.

Lei said...

SO happy to see again in blog land. I was waiting for you to return! Love the list of random tidbits.

Linemoren said...

Thanks for keeping it real Steph! You rock and I always appreciate your honesty! I don't know if I have the guts to be as open as you, I tend to want to shy from any "weaknesses" but I'm thinking I might make you my inspiration... lol..