Lessons I Have Learned...

...while living at my in-laws.

1. White carpet and cocoa chocolate chip cookies and Sophie don't mix.

2. I really love my dog. I miss her. That training my mom is giving her will go right out the window when she gets home because of the constant doting my family will give her.

3. When I have to share a washing machine with another woman, I stay on top of it.

4. My husband and I will never own a king-sized bed. We used to touch each other all night long. Now I feel like I am sleeping alone. I hate it.

5. I will never complain about emptying the dishwasher again. Okay...just not as much.

6. I am pretty sure one of the qualifications for living on the top of a mountain is that you should be part mountain goat.

7. What we would have been paying in a mortgage is now fueling my van.

8. You can never replace amazing friends.

9. My kids are pretty amazing friends.

10. Buying a carpet cleaner was the best investment we have ever made.


Laurie said...

You are so funny!

I have learned that those things that sometimes bring you down, help you rise to the occasion. They make you stronger and a better person. Just remember it is only temporary.

Kari @ Ucreate said...

I have to laugh because I feel like we're going through this together. I can't wait to be in our own home again. We have also decided to build and our houses look sooo much alike! Too funny!

michelle said...

I feel for you! We did the same thing, only it was with my parents. I decided nothing makes you appreciate your own home like being homeless!

daiseymae said...

You are welcome here anytime! As long as you don't care how my house looks. And after Harrisen...My carpet is Sophi proof, even if she does have a chocolate cookie. Please come visit. You are and your kids always welcome.

Bilary said...

Can I add to your list?...Some other time.;)

And you know you don't need to ever call or wait for an invitation to come hang out...it is an open-ended invitation that you are more than welcome to take any time. heck, even if I'm not home, you can bring your kids here. I'd give you a key!!!:)

Picture Perfect said...

You're welcome to come over to my place too. If you don't mind stepping over toys and dress-up clothes!

Anonymous said...

Those are some good lessons! We can never have a King size bed either. We slept in one once in a hotel, and it was soooo weird.

mammagena said...

#1 and #6 made me giggle. Thanks. I needed to giggle.