Footings and a Foundation (almost)

YEAH! For the record, we are a tiny bit concerned with how high up the foundation goes. Gotta make some phone calls tomorrow.


michelle said...

Yeah! Welcome to back to blogland! i have missed you! I have to admit to trying to figure out just where you lot is based on these pictures! Hope the whole thing goes fast and well!

Linsey said...

Wow!! Coming along fast!!! YAY!!!

Lei said...

We had the same concern when we began building. Then the ground leveled up by the time they added sod and landscaping.

So exciting! Congrats!

The Lazy Organizer said...

That is exciting! You should talk to me before you order your kitchen cabinets. I put almost all drawers in mine and love it!

I still can't believe we had to go all the way to Manti to finally meet! That was so fun.

Shannon said...

Welcome Back! I have missed reading about your darling family but I know how busy it is when moving. I'm glad things are coming along nicely for you. How I miss chatting with you. We should get together and catch up, so much has happened.