Tess's Dance Recital

Tess has been attending a dance class since December. She loves it! She had her dance recital last night. The little girls were DARLING!

Who is a poser?

This was my favorite part of the entire night. Tess's age group did their little group dance first. The little girls were supposed to exit and the girl next to Tess had stage fright and wouldn't budge. Finally she got over it and left the stage, but Tess...who is next to the yellow group, stayed on stage bowing and cracking up the audience. LOVE that girl...and things like that just seem to make the night!

The final production.


Char said...

How flippin' cute is she?

daiseymae said...

So cute! Gotta love that girl!

Kris said...

How darling! Where does she take dance? Ella needs it! :)