Overheard at our house

Tess every morning:

"Mom, can I watch Food Network?"

Tess when asked who her favorite people on Food Network are:

"Paaaala Deeeeen and Olive Garden"

Amelia talking to her dad after watching Ina Garten making tiramisu:

"Is Ina Garten a drunk or something? Cuz she puts coffee or alcohol in everything she makes."


daiseymae said...

That is so cute. I love the way kids see things.

Tara said...

Seriously, SOOOO funny! I am glad you are capturing these precious moments! They will LOVE you for this....and it also provides great entertainment for us adults!

The Rookie said...

I love Ina Garten even if she is a yuppy Hamptons snob. There, I said it!

Bilary said...

That is hilarious that Amelia thinks she is a drunk. Did Jeremy say, "Yes, yes she is." Hehehehe. That would be hilarious. She could go to school and talk about the drunk lady she watches on tv with her parents.