Adventures in Babysitting

You never really know how lucky you are. We have been blessed with some AMAZING babysitters in our area. I mean AMAZING! I am almost hesitant to post this for fear that we will never be able to get them again because EVERYONE will want to use them! NOOOOO!

Last time we had Aubree babysit, the girls begged for her to come back and do their hair. The next time we had her, she brought her styling gear. I asked her if she would mind taking some pictures and showed her some basics on my camera and off we went.

Have you ever wanted to see just how your kids act when you are not around? It is GREAT!!! I love peeking at them and seeing just how they are sans parental supervision and restriction. It was such a fun treat to come home and see their evening documented in pictures.

They played dress-up. Even Sophie got in on the action.

She did their hair in waves. I went out and bought her 3-barrel curling iron the next day because they loved it so much!

They took turns taking silly pictures of each other.

They painted fingernails.

They sang silly songs, made funny faces and had a photo shoot.

It is such a comfort knowing that when we need a time-out that we have such loving, kind and good girls watching over our most prized possessions.


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!! Would your babysitter consider relocating to TX? LOL

The Rookie said...

I feel like a chump. I'm pretty sure I was an awful babysitter, feeding you poor little brother rotten yogurt back in the day! (Ask Stacy about that one.) Aubree looks like a definite keeper!

Meemer said...

i'd love a baby sitter like that. minus the hair styling. the silly pictures, heck ya!

Jill said...

What a great idea. Give your kids a camera to take pictures while you are not there! I wish I had thought of that when my kids were growing up. But in those days we would have to wait days to get the film developed.

Bree-Bo said...

I absolutely LOVE your girls!!!