The Mother of all Blog Posts

I think I need to clean of my CF card more than I do. It reminds me to blog. Poor, poor neglected bloggy. Want random things we have done for the last two months?
You've got it !

11/06/08 was Mil's schools "Mom's and Muffins". We wake up bright and early, find sitters for our other sleeping children and go to the school to eat and read with our kids. We also ask the sixth graders if the muffins have walnuts, to which they tell us no. We then proceed to break out with canker sores all over our mouths because sixth graders know nothing!

11/15/2008 James Bond came out this night and all of the men in our family decided they had to see it. So that left my mom, my sisters, me and all of our kids alone. So what do crazy women do? They head to the local looney bin aka Chuck E. Cheese where my kids disappeared for the next two hours.

11/17/2008 Jeremy headed out of town for a business trip. We had a girls week while he was gone. We, meaning I, make our kids wait until they are 8 to get their ears pierced. My reason being that I am accountable for them until 8 and that is a decision I just can't stomach making for them...so 8 it is. (for the record, I am not judging anyone who has their kids ears pierced prior to 8, it is just the rule for my family)

We went to Claire's and Amelia was so excited until we walked through the door. Can you see the nerves on her face? I kept telling her she didn't have to do this and we could turn around and leave. Even though she was scared, she still did it!

This picture reminds me of just how little she really is.

Her eyes only watered a bit. I think the anticipation was worse than the actual piercing.

11/24/08 Tess's Thanksgiving program. Jeremy's mom came with me to see Tess. We are glad she missed last year's performance where Tess cried through the entire program and wouldn't say her part. Reason: She wanted to be the same thing as Lana. This year was SO much better! She sang all of her songs and smiled and waved at me. When it was her turn to say her part, she was as clear as a bell and smiled to boot! GO TESS!

11/27/2008 Thanksgiving Day. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was busy eating.

The kids played a wicked game of Twister.

There was this little girl there that we didn't know. She had a plate of cookies. Sophie wanted one. Badly. She gave the girl puppy dog eyes.

She got in her face. She touched her skirt. She even flapped her arms at her. The little girl just ignored her and eventually walked away. Poor Sophie's bottom lip just quivered.

My mom couldn't stand it anymore and found a cookie for Sophie. What a great grandma!

One of my cousins threw a rock at his older and faster cousins. Remind me not to mess with them.

And Sophie and Rowdy had their first co-ed bath.

12/01/08 Tess and her cute little friend, Naomi started their dance class with Ms. Julie. We love Ms. Julie. Without her we couldn't run to Wal-Mart for 40 minutes with one less child! Tess loves her class and talks non-stop about it. Those tiny tap shoes just kill me!

12/03/2008 Festival of Trees. We had to stop and take pictures at every whimsical or pink tree in the entire place.

Dr. Seuss

Fancy Nancy

And Tinkerbell

Totally unplanned, but we were walking down the tables where the gingerbread houses were and we saw Jeremy's brother and his kids and his dad on the other side. We were all sorts of silly and took their pictures as we were passing. It took them a minute to recognize it was us.

12/08/2008 Speaking of gingerbread houses, we had to make one of our own.

And this one. Just because I love it and it captured a tender moment between a girl and her daddy.


Bilary said...

Fun pictures! I love the ones of the ear piercing. She almost has that same shade of green on her face like she does when she feels crappy. The poor girl. But she looks so proud by the time she is done.

And what was that girl thinking not giving your poor baby a cookie? FOR RUDE! I'm glad your mom took care of her.

Nice update. But would ya start posting more often? If I'm not talking to you on the phone, you are completely responsible for keeping me entertained, you know!;)

cynthiaa said...

SOOOOOO adorable.

Those are some great pictures.

JD said...

Major flashbacks of when I was a kid getting my ears done. And that story of Tess's last years preformance:) made me giggle.

Jenn said...

So sweet- I need to update liek you do when I fall behind. Everything was caught up and you didn't spend days doing it. Going to miss you this weekend. HAve fun at your party.

Heidi said...

Well you have been busy. I like to see what you and your family are up to. Cute pictures.

I miss the festival of trees.

Amber said...

I need to catch up too. I think it's going to have to wait until after Christmas...