Things that make you go EWWWW!!!

Today I went and did some grocery shopping at my local Wal*Mart.

I went to check out and I was in line behind a woman and her husband and her grandkids. The woman was in one of those wheelchair carts and she had a Schnauzer sitting in the basket. Not only a schnauzer, but a dirty looking schnauzer.

Anyways, her grandkids were touching the dog, letting the dog lick their faces and not only that, but it's dog butt was sitting in the basket with it's butt where someone else was going to put their groceries. I digress.

My cashier was talking to the kids and was giving them high-fives after they had touched said dog. She went to bag my groceries and I told her before she touched the food and produce that I was paying for that I wanted her to sanitize her hands because she was playing with said kids and their dog saliva hands. I asked nicely. She was absolutely rude to me the rest of the time. EXCUSE ME! It's not my fault that YOU were playing with a dog before I stepped in line. UGH.

For the record, I am not a dog hater. I love dogs. I just don't like them at grocery stores. If I wanted dog germs all over my food, I would let my own dog walk on my kitchen counters.

What makes you say EWWWW!!!!!

***I called Wal*Mart. I tattled on the rude cashier. I also found out that you have the right to ask the cashier to wash their hands if they were handling something gross AND that non-aide dogs are not allowed in the stores. It is within my rights to ask to have the person with a dog removed from the store.

Oh, and I am now going to bring a can of Lysol to any grocery store to spray the basket. I should be a sight with my wet-wipes and my Lysol can.


Cami said...

I have to say I agree. I am not a huge germaphobe, but this definitely falls in line with disgusting.

PS: Why did you ever tell me about your issue with the sacrament tray and not letting your kids touch it...now I am always watching it and thinking of the germs on it. :-)

Amber said...

Cami's PS makes me not want to know your Sacrament tray issues. Although I have to not think about how well teenage boys wash their hands.

I'm not a dog lover so that completely grosses me out. Although I find the cashier's at walmart rude regardless. ;)

Chel said...

It's been fun catching up... It's been awhile since I've popped over!

Anyway, I'm sort of a germaphobe. I already spray carts down with Lysol and let it dry for minute or two and I use cart covers (and I absolutely under no circumstance let my kids ride in the car-cart).

I have an antibacterial gel in my pocket 24/7. I know I can't protect them from everything, but I do my best. But my kids sure don't get sick very often, especially compared to other kids.

So anyway... cool that you called about the dog and the situation. EWWWWWWWW!!!!

Bilary said...

I've got it - our million dollar idea! For real this time! Call me!!!

Oh, and EWWWWW!

Char said...

holy disgusting!

daiseymae said...

That just makes me SICK!

I'm not really a dog lover, we have one and I tolerate him but it drives me crazy when people take their dogs into places that they should not be. Like the grocery store. gross!

smart mama said...

not a fan of animals in public places at all- it grosses me out- saliva and dog bums- yuck

Lisa & Gerald said...

My name is Lisa Demars Im from St.Thomas, Ont. Canada
I found your blogs and love them !
I stoped at todays hair and now Im here lol Well your post about dogs and their bums yes that is rude in stores and dealing with food makes it real gross even gross if little ones sit in the cart after the dog! I think that would be so gross! Well anyways You have a great day
Stop by and say Hi !

Jamie lynn said...

Carts can be super gross... I like the idea of taking Lysol with you.. I am a Lysol freak I work retail and spray down everything at least onece a week...
*credit card keepads
*BATHROOMS and the walls leading out of them......

basicly anything that is not for sale I spray!!!